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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. She really does and Lauren has even tweeted her support.

    This warms my harmonizer heart
  2. Normani has a new song out today with Calvin Harris, and she’s using her Instagram to post about Beyoncé’s new album

  3. Her vocals are mixed weird. Heck she’s only on the “chorus” - I’ll give it a pass
  4. Have you heard it? I wouldn't wanna promote that either.
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  5. God damn that sucks.
  6. Once I adjusted my ears to whatever is going on with Normani's voice, this is really good. But if I were Tinashe I'd be pissed at Calvin for replacing my chorus with... that.
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  7. Did she use a tape recorder from 1962 to lay down her vocals? Like, who signed off on this? I can’t even make out what she’s saying.

    Such a shame cause I do like the song but her vocals are horrifying.
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  8. Love the song but wow are the girls severely underutilized. What the fuck is going on with Calvin?!??
  9. Is... this what they've delayed releasing her own singles for? It's getting tragic at this point.
  10. Leave it to Calvin Harris to take two of the most charismatic pop/R&B girls and make them boring.
  11. So we are back to this again. And of course she's getting eaten up by her own fans in the QRTs. Didn't this just happen a month ago?

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  12. I get stans are annoying but artists reallyyyyy have to stop responding to troll tweets. Just like, ignore/mute them.
  13. nn I saw that yesterday. None of the replies siding with her made me very marge_all_you_can_do_is_laught. Sigh.
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  14. The tweet she quoted originally didn't even @ her and had like 40 likes ddd. It's all very... bleak.
  15. She’s really just burnt through it all, getting her a real moment (or album) is looking less and less likely. Maybe she’ll chart with a nice Chris Brown feature.
  16. Take that back! A pox upon thy house.
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  17. It’s more likely than you think!
  18. I think it’s cause she follows them (or did?) that she saw it.
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  19. Is there still no word at all on anything new coming? I’m still playing Fair pretty regularly six months(!) later but I’d love something else to stan.
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