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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Fair remains so sublime.
  2. Wild Side, Fair, and Waves are all fantastic and deserve to be on an album.
  3. It's coming when God tells ha it's ready!
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  4. I hate that we're nearing the end of another year, and there doesn’t seem to be another release in sight. I really hope that she’s able to get through whatever is happening behind the scenes, cause her dropping one fucking single a year is not it. At this point, Idk if it’s label fuckery or what even are the expectations RCA has for her considering she did almost no promo for Fair.
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  5. Fair didn't even get a video, and around that time she said that there was another solo single coming nearly immediately after. I think around May she said "within a month." And I believe she tweeted and someone here confirmed that she was filming a video for something around then. So there had to be some behind-the-scenes issues that halted whatever plan they had. It's all be bizarre.

  6. Imagine bagging a Vocal Bible™ collab on your debut album only for it to never come out.

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  7. Rob


    There can't be a tracklist for an album that's never happening so at least Brandy will always have hope!
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  8. The actual crumbs we got fed this year. Tragic.
  9. What is going ON
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  10. Going is a strong word.
  11. The following songs have leaked in the last few weeks:
    • Candy Paint (LQ)
    • Waiting For You (2020)
    • Used To (released by Brandy)
    • Runaround
    • Ring (released by Selena Gomez)
    • Make It Hard
    • Gold (released by Jae Stephens)
    • DUI
    • Feel Me (2020)
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  12. Out of the blue I suddenly remembered a Twitter(?) video from before 'Fair' was released, of Normani painting in the nude. At the time I assumed it was for a music video, but was it just a cute little Britney cosplay?
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  13. More leaks:
    • Insomnia (on the album, was played to DSPs this year)
    • One on One (LQ - on the album, was played to DSPs this year)
    • Somebody Else
    Apparently some fans of her as most of what is on her album? And has been playing the songs to fans on various Twitter spaces? ddd
  14. Everyone was super hyped after she released Motivation! but nothing came after! I like her still though.
  15. That was just a short video to announce the song, wasn't it? I don't think it was meant as anything more than that.
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