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Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Damn I thought it was going to be out today. But we've been waiting for forever so whatever.
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  2. “Drop the pen”.

    Out if all the 5H girls it really feels like she getting the most label investment so far. Collaborations with Calvin Harris, Sam Smith and Max Martin (allegedly) are pretty major for a new(ish) solo artist . I’m so happy for her and hope all this pays off.
  3. Her money so tall that Normani gotta climb it
  4. I'm assuming this is gonna premiere on beats1 since it's being released on a monday?
  5. Premiering tomorrow afternoon/morning:

  6. TM


    Guessing she'll perform it at Tidal x Brooklyn on Tuesday
  7. Something about this release seems odd. No barcode and barely any mention from Calvin, no track title, no cover art. Hmm...
    Could it be an EP??
  8. I’m thinking the same thing. And Promises is still going strong in the UK. Her tweet is quite vague so the times that she tweeted out could just be to announce the single cover + title and maybe even a short clip.
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  9. I thought that too. But to announce a date for an announcement seems strange? Plus she’s performing at the tidal concert Tuesday so I’m assuming she’d want something new out by then
  10. She could still perform it while it’s unreleased? Some artists do to build hype.
  11. Atrl sissies say what if it's a Promises remix ddd or has an emoji title.
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  12. I’m gonna be FUMING if that’s the case ddd... Keeping my expectations low just in case.
  13. atrl insider is saying it's not a promises remix. And anyways, they released the remix EP on friday
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  14. Hmmmm Why is Calvin staying mute about this on social media? I’m thinking either this is just a song from an ep of Calvin’s as a previous user has said or this could potentially be a Normani lead song and Calvin is the producer/feature.
    Keeping my expectations low now as the silence from Calvin is worrying be a tad.
  15. This mysterious tension is unbearable and I love it. I'm just dying to hear Normani's voice on a Calvin beat.
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  16. Calvin’s never shied away from teasing a single so I’m wondering if this is just an instant grat track from his own project?
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  17. Calvin whenever he sees it's Normani:
  18. This is all so strange. I don't know what to expect
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  19. we're getting two songs
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