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Normani - "Motivation" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I literally screamed.
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  2. Flop fan.
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  3. It's a cute song but Ally just give me major The Real host releasing a single vibes.
  4. DM me the coffee shop please. I need to go in and see this when I’m back in MN.
  5. The level of discussion in here for Normani’s former coworkers who couldn’t even bother to comment on her big debut moment is far too much.
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  6. As much as I love Normani’s pegging anthem, my low-key favourite thing to come of this thread is that I’ve been introduced to Tinashe’s Company. How did I miss it?!
  7. This makes me very worried that you have missed the amazing parent album as well.
  8. Ddd I can neither confirm nor deny.
  9. Fix it!
  10. I'd love to see her smash purely to rub it in the face of L.A Reid who apparently only offered a contract to Lauren and didn't think the other girls had potential.
  11. Dinah is signed to his new imprint HITCO after he was fired from Epic in 2017.
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  12. So I told my colleague at work to watch the Normani video because I wanted to see her reaction and she watched the entire thing stone-faced, she didn’t even react when Normani did the splits in the rain and when it finished she turned to me and said “yeah, it’s okay.”

    I’m going to HR first thing tomorrow morning.
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  13. Interesting. There were plenty of rumours that Dinah was always his favourite member in the early days, but I'm sure someone with inside knowledge posted here around the time of He Like That being released saying it was only Lauren who was offered a contract and she refused unless the entire group did.
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  14. Don't do Addrienne Bailon like that please.
  15. I like to think Tinashe and Normani are cool with one another, especially as they worked together when Normani was in 5H, but it has crossed my mind how Tinashe MIGHT feel some type of way about how Normani has been able to hit it out of the park on her first go, meanwhile Tinashe’s predicted ascension stalled countless times.

    If anything I just wish there was the same amount of goodwill behind Tinashe when she started out and that she had an airtight team behind her who had a long term plan for her career.
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  16. There was...

    Also can ya'll like discuss this in her thread? Let Normani have her moment.
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  17. I wouldn't call an A&R exec ripping songs from Tinashe's clutches and forcing them on Fifth Harmony "working together".
  18. Was that what happened?! I had no idea. That’s shitty.
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  19. Doubt That’s My Girl or The Life would have done anything for Tinashe if she sung them. Or that two songs minus made her album stall.

    If anything getting songwriter placements made her budget a bit bigger and bought her time. Didn’t she release three songs with big names and videos all in one month or so?
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  20. Which is true, but it wasn’t LA Reid who personally offered her a contract, but the label per se.
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