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Normani - "Motivation" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I hope she teases lyrics with BTS photos from the music video and single cover shoot leading up to Friday. Maybe a short snippet of the instrumental as well
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  2. Wow, I just found my Razr from 2006/07 so this is a kii.
  3. I'm really loving this aesthetic! Hopefully, another teaser comes tomorrow
  4. Reliable insider says it reminds him of Beyoncé's Check on It
  5. Here for this if it’s true.

    What are the chances she gets a solo VMA slot?
  6. The performers were announced and her name wasn't listed.
  7. They haven't announced all of them. They'll add more up until it airs.
  8. I think if they're going to announce it which I pray they do, it'll be once her song is out
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  9. I was talking early with some of my friends who weren't into Fifth Harmony at all and are barely into Havana and Señorita, but are all very excited upon the news of Normani's solo debut. We stan a popular queen.
  10. I'm ready

    Less than 48 hours now
  11. Is this her first song as the lead artist? Does it even have a feature at all?
  12. She was the lead vocalist on Waves but this song will have no features
  13. I mean, this means nothing really. Havana and Senorita were both worldwide #1 smash singles. Surely if you're comparing members of Fifth Harmony then it's Camila who is the "popular queen", regardless of whether your group of friends like her music or not?

    Let Normani actually release her own music before comparing the girls.
  14. In the words of Nicki Minaj "Normani is THAT bitch!".
  15. I think you completely missed the point of their post, but okay.
  16. So what was the point? They have friends who weren't into 5H or a fan of Camila but they're fans of what? I'm not sure how that means Normani is a 'popular queen'. There's probably people out there who love Camila but didn't listen to Fifth Harmony as well?

    And if there's any confusion or someone not understanding a post there's nicer ways to point it out than these passive aggressive little jibes that are designed to get likes. Just explain what the post meant instead of trying to make someone look like an idiot. Thanks.
  17. ddd You've missed the mark here, really.
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  18. First of all, the point is that there is interest in Normani's solo career, even from unlikely sources. Personally, I was not invested in Fifth Harmony (low key enjoyed Camila's album tbh), and I'm still very interested in Normani's solo career. It was't a comparison to Fifth Harmony or Camila, just an observation. The 'we stan a popular queen' was obviously somewhat hyperbolic.

    Secondly, you made yourself look like an idiot, so don't put that on me. It's not my job to explain things to you.
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  19. Well, when both of your responses were agressive themselves, you are in no position to demand sympathy, are you? @Mirwais Ahmadzaï simply pointed out how exaggerated your reply was. I imagine you're defensive of Camila? I really like Camila, I was a huge Fifth Harmony fan, I wasn't shading them at all. Her numbers are undisputable. Who am I to argue with it, right?

    And while we're at it, let me clear my original post: I have some friends who didn't care about the group and somehow really like Normani, which is surprising. They have a natural sympathy towards her for some reason ('Slay', 'Oh, she got moves!', 'She's gorgeous!', 'Beyoncé's protegee', etc), something they don't have with Camila. I didn't say Normani will be successfull, did I (though she probably will)? Much less that she is competing in any way or will beat Camila on a nonexistential contest between them. Just... Relax.
  20. Wow, this is so fucking rude. Someone misunderstands a post and they're an idiot?

    As for Normani - I have to laugh at you using someones group of friends as validation that there's interest in Normani. Of COURSE there's interest in her, but there's interest for every artist out there. Every artist has fans. Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Camila will have fans who weren't invested in the group or the other girls but will have their own fans of their solo careers. It doesn't mean anything and no way should be used as some sort of evidence. It's the same as those who say pointless stuff like 'my Mum never listens to this artist but she's loving their new single so this is definitely connecting with the GP'.

    But keep being rude to people for no reason. God forbid you misunderstand something in your life.
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