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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Co-produced by the same guy who did Waves for Normani in 2018:

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  2. I can’t believe it’s really happening now!!
  3. I can’t stop crying we did it kids.

    I woke up and opened Instagram and this was the first post. A blessed day.
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  4. The artwork has the remains of a Photoshop brush that they forgot to erase (on the left of the W). I thought my screen is dirty but it's just RCA being allergic to professionalism part. 24.
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  5. I’m so worried that her team/label think the equation is:

    Big feature + Big video = Global smash.

    It sounds like a great R&B mid tempo from the snippet but I worry for her if it’s not some out of the gate smash.
  6. To be honest I’m all the way here for a R&B mid tempo track being a big global smash as I feel like that’s very rare these days in the current music climate .
  7. Ooh, Starrah as a co-writer? Suddenly my interest is piqued.

    Well more piqued than it was before.
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  8. Oh me too! I just worry about what will happen if it’s not.

    Anyway, everyone has waited a long time for this moment so I’m gonna remain cautiously optimistic. I’m really rooting for her and cannot wait to hear and see what she brings.
  9. Can you have a comeback if you've never really started though? Every new single is a comeback now?

    I'm excited though.
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  10. It’s her first proper single in 2 years so I think it’s fair to call it a comeback in this case.
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  11. TWO YEARS.

    I remember making everyone in the office watch the Motivation video several times like it was yesterday. Halcyon days.

    Excited for this!
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  12. Cardi is already doing more promo for this single on her IG stories than Normani for her last three efforts combined! I guess her team knew what they were doing when they booked Cardi for this gig…
  13. I've decided to be cautiously optimistic because Normani is so talented and has star power in spades, but as mentioned, her team needs to manage their expectations and put in the work. This better not be the only song we hear from her for the next 2 years again.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This has all the makings of being phenomenal. I'm so ready!!
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  15. Finally getting off the ground and getting a big name attached.

    Looking forward to this and hope this gets Normani started.
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  17. The artwork screams Cardi, which is kind of an odd choice given she's the featured artist rather than the main one. Like, looking at it I think anyone would assume it was a Cardi song, not a Normani one. Still, I'm looking forward to this and hope it ends up being good/a hit.
  18. They should’ve also added the names because Normani is not as recognizable as her team thinks she is. My friend actually sent it to me asking if it’s Cardi and Nicki… so yeah…
  19. I think the artwork is terrible but I look forward to hearing the song & hope it’s strong.
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