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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Even though Camila isn't my cup of tea, at least she didn't resort to covers.
  2. Aren't there like a bajillion videos on youtube of Camilla doing covers though? I doubt Normani is planning on doing covers forever.
  3. She needs to become the solo star of this group, I won't have her become the Melody of the group.
  4. I see her becoming the Dawn Richard unfortunately.
  5. It's very boring isn't it... I didn't finish it.
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  6. She sounds great!
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  7. She sounds amazing, this style really does suit her, but the song is a bit too boring for my liking.
  8. Honest question for those that like her: what makes her your favorite in 5H?

    In all the videos and performances I've seen, she's always doing the most in my opinion. Yeah , she is a good dancer, but I feel like she tries too hard to show off her moves (to be fair, most of the time I feel like all the members of the group try too hard to show off... except Lauren who doesn't even try mmmnmn). And she is a good singer, but there is nothing special in her voice, nothing distinctive
  9. I think it's down to whether you consider her do be doing too much or not.

    Personally her goat-esque rock climbing dancing on Flex's video is one of my favourite pop music moments of the year.
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  10. Personally I think she does just enough. Camilla on the other hand always does the absolute most. Another example of someone doing the most to me is Jesy from Little Mix. 5H just confuse me as a whole, from what i've seen I don't understand what Ally and Dinah bring to the table. Neither of them particularly dance well or sing well. Camilla annoys me but I can see what they think she brings to the group, Normani is the obvious best dancer of the group so I guess she brings that. And Lauren is the Zayn of the group, she's kinda lazy and does the least but looks hot doing it so people give her a pass.
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  11. Normani does do the most (and it really sticks out when she's standing next to Lauren) but she's a genuinely good dancer, and every move looks sexy, natural and on point. She's got swagger and charisma for days.

    Jesy Nelson is an example of someone who sometimes looks like she's doing too much, often gurns her way through moves in a way that looks hella awkward to me - it's why Jade has overtaken her as the best dancer in Little Mix.
  12. My fascination with Normani is by her sheer presence. Something about her radiates this kind of indescribable magnetism; she just seems like a star.
  13. It all comes down to personal tastes in the end.
    As I said, I do think she is a fantastic dancer and performer, but in group performances it looks like it's too much.
    Maybe it will be happen like with Camila, I couldn't stand her until the performances of Bad Things, when something just clicked with me about her - which wouldn't surprise me really, since none of these girls ever learned to perform as a group.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ugh these solo threads.
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  15. That would be a good thing. Dawn is of the best artist out there that went from pop to art.
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  16. Dinah and Ally are the 2 strongest singers the group both have powerhouse voices when given the opportunity to show it on the right song . Dinah is also the 2nd best dancer after Normani !
  17. And here I thought you were going to link #BadGirlLauren's thread...but no, you didn't. Not today, Satan.
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  18. In my opinion when Ally sings her high notes it sounds like she is just shouting, and when Dinah has some kind of note(like in Squeeze) she has to drop to her knees in effort or has to point her mic to the crowd afterwards, her breath control is not very good at all.
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  19. Dinah and Ally always come across as the weakest singers live, but both have a lovely tone and sound fantastic on record. Their voices are full and soft, which is really important next to the harsher sound of Camila's. I just wish they could bring it live - maybe the problem is purely breath control, I don't know?
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  20. Ally always sounds strained when hitting high notes and Dinah is out of breath many many times but they both have powerful vocals and, even though I don't personally like Ally's voice I can see that. Dinah's though is amazing, to my ears at least. And Normani, well she has it all really, she can dance like crazy and it just feels natural, not like she's trying too much. And her voice is so soothing and I love her live, in acoustics and stuff. However when she has to sing high notes, she just sounds flat almost every time. She just has to learn what she can do with her voice.
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