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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. The artwork is a bit of a mess nn. I like the idea and it's not bad but it's not well made either, considering it comes from a big label. The few things I'm noticing:
    - The brush stain near the W
    - The random shadows around Cardi's left hand nails
    - The different lighting settings for Normani and Cardi
    - As others have said, it looks like it's a Cardi song. The fact that she's standing taller and has her eyes open, plus the fact that the black curls recall the WAP artwork (and the naked bodies, UP) make it look like it's the third single from Cardi's campaign; it might as well be included in her album too, who knows, but they should have put their names to avoid confusion *eyes emoji*

    I hate to be nitpicky nn but an artwork should at least make you understand who's the lead artist.
  2. It’s a smidge disappointing that this feels very centered on “we’re getting her a hit” vs. actually launching her as her own artist. Similar to the way the Motivation package felt very rooted in the Beyoncé comparisons, everything visually so far feels very Cardi. I’m sure it’ll smack regardless, but I wish this felt more like a reintroduction of who she is as an artist. Could all be premature analysis on my end, but that’s just the vibe I get.
  3. Let Normani have a hit first. We can worry about her artistry on her sophomore album.
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  4. Ya'll annoying dd.
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  5. As fuck!
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  6. I love you sis and the nails part left me screaming but this post has such a weird energy ddd.
  7. The good sis is hyping herself way up on Twitter (as she should), but I hope the music/video is as epic as she's making it out to be.
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  8. nn I didn't mean to be shady at all! It's just that they had two years to prepare this launch and the artwork still looks amateurish. Hopefully the song is good and the public will latch into it!
  9. I mean, they probably recognise that's not a bad thing. Neither name is on the cover, I think they're intentionally selling it as equal billing in the promotion at least. Will be interesting to hear if it's the case with the track itself or if it's more of a feature verse spot.
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  10. She posted another snippet on Twitter, so she has recorded at least two songs for this album. See you all in 2025
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  11. Is the video coming tomorrow too?
  12. I'm pretty sure it's just the bridge background vocals for Wild Side
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  13. 55dd90ca217c2ee99d8fc02e341a6fdd.jpg
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  14. Replaying Motivation, Waves, Checklist, and Slow Down all day until Wild Side is never taken off repeat again.

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  15. After ghosting us for two years, her team is doing what they need to do to ensure that this makes a splash. Cardi isn't a guaranteed hit, but her presence at least guarantees that people will pay attention when it drops. It seems like they've invested in the visuals and rollout, so I'm just glad that she's getting a proper relaunch that will hopefully lead to an exciting album campaign.
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  16. Why would she post another song's snippet dd.
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  17. RMK


    Yeah, this is the formula they've chosen and it makes sense.

    To add to the annoying conversation, the artwork does set this up to be perceived as a Cardi song. I guess we'll see how the video turns out.
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  18. Girl, I was looking at the stems and they had another name so I got confused. I'm always distracted like that
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