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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Music video is a 10/10 and is serving replayability in spades. I’m lukewarm on the song itself, it feels a little lacklustre and I personally don’t enjoy Cardi’s involvement here.

    Also why was this so hard for me to find? To find the video I had to search Normani on YouTube & then go to her profile, it didn’t even show up on the search page. I also can’t get the song to play on Spotify at all so haven’t managed to listen to the non-video version.
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  2. my brand.
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  3. I’ve played this about twenty times today… I’m really liking this and the video is insane! The Cardi feature is obviously needed for some exposure but I would have loved a solo version from her with a more exiting middle eight to switch it up.
  4. Now who keeps letting people wander out of the Kylie thread

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  5. Anyone who dislikes this is ugly and dehydrated!

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  6. The video is fantastic.
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  7. It already debuted higher than Motivation, it seems, really hoping this does some numbers for her.
  8. Yeah, I think R&B needs to be gatekept from certain people. In the words of Azealia: “I don’t wanna share this with y’all.”
  9. RMK


    Normani has so much going for her, but the songs have never really lived up to expectation. The Ciara comparison is apt. She's a really strong dancer and performer, but it makes me wish this was her Promise or Body Party.
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  10. The song hasn’t clicked with me but she’s an incredible dancer.
  11. I don’t like K
  12. The YouTube algorithm is not doing her any favours; the video doesn't come up first when you search 'Normani'. Instead, a bunch of reaction videos appear. That said, I've replayed the video multiple times today (that rooftop scene remains perfection), but agree with others on her that Cardi's verse isn't that great. The smoothness drops out entirely when she starts her verse because of how jarring she sounds.
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  13. Me after my first outdoor concert.
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  14. The video was perfection! Every setup, every dance routine, every outfit…just incredible. Personally I wish the song was more uptempo for a first single but it’s still great. Hopefully it’s a hit for her.
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  15. This is growing on me with every listen dd. I love the last chorus with the added background vocals.
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  16. This is so soothing, warm and fuzzy. The instrumental is full and lush and all the adlibs are perfectly placed. Her delivery reminds me of Keke Palmer sometimes and I love that. I'll give you it doesn't sound like an obvious first single, but that's where its "flaws" stop. Stunning video too.
  17. Motivation is first, then this, when I search "Normani". Not sure if the search is personalized to individual interests or not.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The way some of you can't wait to embarrass yourselves when there's a big new pop girl release, welp.
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  19. K94


    The way she served a million set pieces and all were tighT and righT - sorcery, I fear.
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  20. RJF


    I actually think the song has massive hit potential but I'm honestly not sure what a hit looks like to the people around her at this point. A roaring out the gate smash doesn't seem too likely, but something that sneaks into the Top 10 before sticking around in the Top 20 for ages? I think that's entirely doable. But it depends on what support - if any - is being planned.
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