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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I feel like this has the potential to have the same longevity as SZA’s Good Days in the US.
  2. Aside from the first verse being a little clunky, the song is absolutely sublime. I'm obsessed. I must have played it at least 20 times throughout the day as I'm doing stuff.

    I'm not sure I see it being the hit that RCA want for her, so fingers crossed it performs decently and she can get an album out within the next few months.
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  3. Let's hope they've course-corrected from basically dropping Motivation the second it wasn't a huge smash out of the gate. You would think that they did, considering a slow-burner like Wild Side (albeit a very good slow burner) doesn't exactly scream like an immediate smash, but the many false-starts are still making me a little wary.
  4. I’m not immediately taken with the song but I feel like I would enjoy it more within the context of an album (if we ever get one).

    And Normani is an icon so I will play it regularly to give her the smash that Motivation should have been.
  5. I want her to do well, but the only thing I like about the song is the One In A Million sample.
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  6. RMK


    Good Days had TikTok, so it's really about that.
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  7. This might be video of the year? When she gets thrown through the ceiling and ends up serving that incredible choreography on the concrete in head to toe leather....gag. And that didn't even end up being the best part!

    The song itself is a wonderful slow burn. It's indebted to One In A Million without being overly reliant on the sample. The main hook is sorely underused though. Cardi comes in at the perfect point to break things up and her verse is the perfect amount of raunch (and comedy, that watermelon line made me yelp).

    Is that Starrah doing the outro?

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  8. Yeah, that’s Starrah on the outro.
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  9. This is easily the best song and video we’ve gotten from her thus far for me, and I loved Waves as a song and Motivation’s video.

    As far as how this performs commercially, we’ll have a better idea once Spotify numbers come out tomorrow. Also, the YouTube glitch when her name’s being searched and the poor playlist exposure on Spotify isn’t helping matters either.
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  10. The video is great, now if only the song was on the same level...
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  11. It is personalised I believe. For me, Motivation, Waves, Love Lies and some 5H songs I like all appear before Wild Side.
  12. Watch Checklist go viral on TikTok next week.
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  13. I like this song, but the hype train today is real. I love the sample but it makes me want to go straight to playing One In A Million then I forget all about Wild Side.
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  14. Stunning vid, really liked the song! Hope it smashes!
  15. I think when you sample such a classic you always run the risk of underwhelming and I think that happens here slightly. Aaliyahs vocals melted all over One In A Million like syrup. The harmonies, BV’s and ad-libs are an RnB masterclass. I don’t think Normani is well rounded enough as an artist - especially in her vocal capabilities to capture anything remotely as special as what was achieved and therefore for me it just makes the listening experience a little flat. Having said that I’m fully aware not everyone will have that in their head whilst listening and if not then it’s a perfectly serviceable song.

    The video is everything though. She is giving peak Ciara.
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  16. Cardi just did a live and said how the streaming version is different as she’s singing vocals for the final chorus but she turned it in too late for the video edit.. listening to it back you can hear it’s her and she sounds great!
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  17. This typе of shit will have you wildin' (Ooh)
    Last minute trip to the islands (Ooh)
  18. The video is a revelation, easily a contender for video of the year. Although it doesn’t scream instant hit, I’m really digging the song and think it’s a lowkey banger.
  19. Whoever said she sounded like Ciara or Cassie was being shady af.
  20. The fact she served us 7 different set ups!!

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