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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Now collab!
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    It’s quietly tickling me that Caroline is stanning hard for Normani yet dragging Camila and her thievery at every opportunity (as she should).
  3. #49 in the UK midweeks.

    If “Motivation” peaked at 33, 35 in the US seems like a good start? I know there’s a lot of different aspects in play for Billboard charts, so I’m not as familiar.
  4. RJF


    sjsjsjdhgv the first ten minutes of that Zach Sang interview is such a brilliant bit of old school popstar delusion. I love it. Between her having a gift to hear music and… imagine a video for it, to her only just grasping the massive cultural impact of “Motivation”, to Zach Sang fanning the flames at every turn. Normani left the house that day and said, “These hoes are gonna gas me the fuck up or else.”

    I can’t imagine the acid trippery if she speaks to Zane Lowe.

    Zane: Millions dead, economies crippled, the UN dispersing aid to dozens of countries around the world… and when that basketball hit your ass, the moon exploded and descended the planet’s tides into chaos. Have you come to terms with Motivation’s cultural impact?

    Normani: Um…………………………………. No <3
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  5. Zach Sang always hypes up the people he interviews like that and I find it so cringeworthy. I've only watched half of the interview but I find it interesting she openly talks about not wanting to release 'Motivation'. I loved the video and the song was cute but I can see why. Not sure it was a good idea for her dismiss it like that when she has so little else in terms of solo music and considering Ariana co-wrote it.
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  6. It officially impacts radio today so I’m hoping that airplay will help out with the longevity of the song.
  7. I thought the Motivation was lovely

  8. I realize now that every time I try to hum motivation or play it in my head, I just end up thinking of Kellegend Rowland’s monster of a song!

    Would love to see Wild Side smash since it’s the exact type of sweet rnb jam that radio is missing
  9. So I didn’t like this at all on the first few listens but it’s stayed in my head over the last few days and I’m now low-key stanning.
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    Not that interview having me question if I missed Motivation's cultural impact dd
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  11. I'm screaming at Zach saying "Motivation had huge cultural impact! the gays loved it".
  12. Zach Sang is so corny nn, I can never make it through a full interview with him.
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  13. RMK


    I actually feel like he does a great job of getting the artist to speak and asking questions the viewer actually wants to know.
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  14. I love Zach’s interviews since he’s such a genuine fan and asks questions we’re all legitimately interested in for the most part

    Yes, sometimes he fan girls a little too hard. It’s a very engaging conversation whereas Zane actually takes it too far and makes it insufferable ass kissing that comes off disingenuous
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  15. Yeah, Zach is a bit cringey but he's ultimately okay. It's Zane and his self-proclaimed bald music guru ass going on never-ending faux spiritual tangents that I can't sit through unless I absolutely have to because I love the artist he's "interviewing" that much.
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    I feel like everyone would look back on Motivation a lot more fondly if it all actually...lead to something. I still get a fair bit of use out of it teebs!
  17. It seems like our bullying might have worked.
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  18. Her saying that she wears several "hats"... LegendTina would like a word with you child!
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  19. Whew the one sassy member of the RCA digital team really stuck it to them with an emoji!

    Spotify to RCA after seeing that:
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