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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. These popstars love playing with fire dd.
  2. Bye Barry
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I.... sdfgdfhdfghdfhfgdhfgd.
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  5. “I will not stand in the way of something that brings to light the incredible staying power of Aaliyah,” he said. “So in that light, wishing Normani well with the song and overall career. God bless. I think Aaliyah would be pleased.”

    Isn’t he the same asshole that has ensured Aaliyah’s music remains almost entirely unreachable, missing from streaming platforms, and difficult for younger generations to discover? Like fuck does he care about the ‘staying power’ of Aaliyah’s music or her legacy.
  6. As an aside, how DUMB can you be to lead a campaign using an uncleared sample? This could have been a total backfire.
  7. Is it really a sample though? It sure is 'inspired' by it but it's also a sound that Timbaland milked on many other tracks. They're not using the actual stems in Wild Side. One in a Million is lowkey an interpolation of Pony by Ginuwine that Timbaland produced earlier.
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  8. This is RCA we are talking about…
  9. ddd I always thought it was a bold move leading the campaign with this given how Barry Hankerson has essentially gatekept Aaliyah's music for twenty years. Also, the Jojo fuckery was unforgivable. Let's hope he doesn't change his mind, I'm still loving the song and rooting for Normani.
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  10. I'm not surprised that this has happened given Normani's team's track record. Maybe that's why it took such a long time for it to come out. Extremely risky but I'm glad it paid off. Watching Timbaland and Missy (rightfully) snag some of the publishing.

    Is this true? Looks like they came out at very similar times and I can't really hear a huge similarity.
  11. Not in the songwriting but it's basically the same drum programming and vibe. It's like saying that Dr. Luke sampled Tik Tok on California Gurls. Wild Side sounds a lot like many Timbaland songs from the late 90s but it's not actually using sounds from One in a Million.
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  12. In 2012, Hankerson sold a stake in Blackground’s publishing rights to Reservoir.
    Khosrowshahi explains that her relationship with Blackground has been frustrating, but that she wasn’t disappointed with the deal. She has struck deals to license Aaliyah samples to a number of rappers, including a snippet of the unreleased material that appeared on ASAP Rocky’s “Fuckin' Problems.”

    Normani’s team may have cleared the sample, the old creep just dosent know it.
  13. He’s also the same asshole that completely screwed over young JoJo.
  14. K94


    Blurred Lines-gate did a lot of damage - inspiration and sampling should be two different things.
  15. For the last time, this does not use a sample or an interpplation.
    But yeah
    and men are getting brave.
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  16. Alakskakakjd not me literally predicting this.

    Horrendous team / management. She better clean house soon because they are playing with fire and she will get burned.
  17. Fucking it up like oopsy Daisy
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