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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. A possibly uncleared sample, the Today’s Top Hits fuckery, Cardi becoming her manager, & her serving Bebe Rexha in that Zach Sang interview???? The chaos beneath the surface has me stanning.

    RCA is being ran by 2 raccoons in a trench coat at this point. All major labels are trash hut whew the incompetence.
  2. I see everyone saying they were surprised he would have given her permission but like someone mentioned earlier, Tink released this a couple years ago (signed to Timbaland's label).

    Drake has sampled her many times, and if you look at her whosampled page countless of artists have as well like Kehlani, H.E.R. and other artists from all types of genres. It really doesn't seem like they're that strict or picky.

    If Normani's team had asked i'm sure they would have gotten the okay. But hey they went the risky route to save a few pennies. Lucky for them it paid off.
  3. RMK


    She directly acknowledged Aaliyah with Zach Sang, which makes me feel like if this is a huge single, the lack of clearing could come back to bite her.

    RCA messes up many things, but the lack of Todays Top Hits placement actually makes sense. Her bigger streaming hits were all collaborations from a few years ago. Motivation did okay but, besides Cardi being next to her, this is the type of case where they'd wait to measure her natural performance.
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  4. Zach's ass kissing only really bothers me when it's with Ariana. I understand that they're close personal friends but he crawls so far up her ass sometimes that it makes me annoyed with the entire interview. I do like him in general though, and I like his more casual style and artists genuinely seem comfortable and excited to talk to him so it makes for better interviews, in my opinion.

    Anyway! I understand her not loving Motivation but she also has such little material out that I don't think it's the best move to already be disowning songs. Wild Side is such a natural fit for her, she really excels with this sound. I'm happy they let her drop a killer video at the same time as the song - a good video gets people talking and I think it'll ultimately be what helps the song reach greater success hopefully. The whole package is so good. I'm rooting so hard for her and for what should be the start of an era. I could actually see her doing really well and carving out a nice spot for herself if she went independent, kind of like what Tinashe's doing right now. I don't know the ins and outs of her contract, but I hope that this is big enough to give her more say over her work, and/or help her get out of this limbo hell in some way.

    This song has really been such a grower for me. I liked it initially but it's worked it's way into my head permanently now, that chorus melody is such an ear worm. Listening to it in my car in Dolby Atmos has also been an experience. She really deserves to be massive but more than that, she deserves to actually have a career. She has far too much talent to be held back by RCA's bullshit. I'm pulling for her so hard.
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  5. “Fuckin it up like oopsy daisy” is so FUNNYYYYYYYYYY
  6. We love to see it . A steady hit is coming I think .
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  7. I think that’ll really all depend on whether radio supports this in the coming weeks and if Spotify playlist support improves steadily.
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  8. Now predicted to debut in the 20-25 region on next week’s Hot 100.

  9. Ok but can we get the video mix on Spotify already, I need that bridge.
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  10. I can see Spotify coming round in the end to be honest. The fact that it’s been pretty steady most of the week and not dropped much throughout the week without much playlist support is looking promising. It’s off to a good start on radio as well .
  11. "Wild Side" might not actually sample any direct stems from "One In A Million," but we've been calling out its similarities since Normani dropped the snippet back in February, assuming that there would be a credited sample.
  12. Nn the similarities are uncanny, but I was also convinced Ariana's west side sampled One In A Million too. Aaliyah's endless influence (given how weirdly her legacy is handled otherwise) warms my heart.
  13. RMK


    Oh, that was obvious. RCA is not funding that director, those fits, and more than three set ups.
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  14. This made me revisit Motivation and it’s insane how much she knows how to work a video…she just gets it completely. The helicopter scene in the Wild Side video and the rain scene in Motivation are next level.
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  15. Come through Wilde Side !

    Kanye’s surprise album tomorrow will probably make it drop quite a bit tomorrow but good to see it still rising .
  16. Men ruin everything.
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  17. New interview:

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