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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Wait so is she bisexuelle?
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  2. Yeah, was that a coming out moment? I mean, iconic if it was, what a fucking incredible performance.
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  3. And that’s how you clear bitches!
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  4. Full performance for those who missed it:

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  5. She ATE.
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  6. She was fantastic as expected! And my blood pressure skyrocketed there at the end, that I did not expect!
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  7. Me watching Normani mount Teyana's face:

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  8. Her performance was great. I think that my only complaint is that I wish that she'd been given a head-set mic. Considering how choreography-heavy the performance was, it would've been easier for Normani to not have to hold a mic.
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  9. The stage presence... such a minimal set up and she commanded it. Highlight of the evening for me
  10. Excellence™ was served but what's new?
  11. Amazing!!!
  12. She's such a star. But I have to admit I don't understand the vocal... choices? If MTV was going to bleep out so many words, and she was going to lip sync (or be autotuned to the moon and back), why sing so few words? The vocal side was kind of a let down. But I guess she made up for it with that killer choreo.

    Also, I'm not a fan of queerbaiting, especially when we're literally getting attacked every week here in my country. I hope she was coming out? I don't know, it didn't sit right with me if she wasn't.
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  13. She was iconbaiting.
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  14. She was INCREDIBLE . I don’t think some people even understand how incredibly hard it is to dance and sing at the same time especially to level of dancer Normani is so I almost wouldn’t even be mad if she mimed the whole thing but there’s points where you can most definitely tell that she was live and that mic was ON .

    She’s a star but we knew this already !
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  15. That was amazing, she is such a star.

    It did sound like it was missing a vocal track though? There should have been lead vocals when she wasn’t singing rather than just backing. Shame they didn’t catch this and put it in in post for online uploads because it would have elevated the whole thing.
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  16. This performance has blown my mind. When we got that whistle (?) note near the end, cherry on top. What a woman.
  17. That ending is iconic. What an incredible performance.
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