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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Next to Janet Mock. Angels!
  2. So this is how you do the VMAs. The performance could have been a video, the style and styling was on point. It was crazy good.

    The influences of Aaliyah, Janet, it was everything.

    Watched with two friends who didn’t even know the song and they instantly added to playlists etc. Hope that’s something that happens a lot. The song grew on me too recently a lot and now it is up there with the best of the year.
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  3. Everyone who listens to Wild Side loves it, we just need it to actually reach people.
  4. A lot of people here were quite underwhelmed the first few listens if I remember correctly. Not me.
  5. Wild Side rebounds 73 spots on US iTunes and back in the top 100 at #97. The performance is also boosting the video which is #20 on YouTube.
  6. Tea, the extended mix stays getting daily plays from me. Poor that to anyone who isn't on board with it.
  7. I was wondering why Wild Side isn't my No 1 song recently as it's literally always on shuffle and then I realised it's because both the single and the extended are included my playlist - which means streams are split.
  8. 8 weeks on the chart in the US and it’s holding up at no.83 which isn’t bad considering most of the top 20 this week is Drake album tracks. Hopefully see her climb again next week

    not to be one of those people, but it’s been out a week longer than Camila’s song and consistently had charted higher each week
  9. They really only had a week, cause MTV is trash.

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  10. It felt like she had forever to prepare this because it was so on point. Pressure, diamond, blah. She made it look perfect. A superstar. I think hers is by far my favourite performance of the night.
  11. So she litreally was Lorde's replacement. A mess, she should have been one of the first performers they booked. She was a/the highlight of the show and everyone seems to agree on that.
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  12. So she attended the Met Gala last night as a guest of Valentino, alongside Giveon. And I hope that that leads to a collab between the two of them.
  13. I GASPED
  14. OK but why isn't Armani snatching Normani too, a collab!
  15. By the way here’s footage from the rehearsals/backdrop shoots she did for the VMA performance. Sad it didn’t work out because it’s a great idea!

  16. I can’t stop watching her performance. It was the best of the night for me.

    Also, considering how low-key it is, I find myself surprised at just how catchy Wild Side is. I find myself singing it all the time.
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  17. Booked and busy!

  18. I don’t wanna even imagine the comments under her comment ...

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