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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. When Wild Side dropped I realised... we all wanted her to be releasing as much as possible and collabing etc like the other girls were but her and her team were actually right and all those leaks by her that were pop weren't right for her. Props for that. Though If It Ain't Me would've been a cute moment.
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  2. Isn’t there rumours of her also being on a ‘Woman’ remix with Doja ? not sure how true that is but that could be potentially amazing if it is true .
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  3. THE VIDEO!!
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  4. RJF


  5. Outtake from the Wild Side single cover shoot:

  6. Oh WOW

    If Cardi never said anything this would have been hidden..
  7. Cardi's "make me Normani's manager" campaign continues apace. That shot is beautiful.
  8. So they were just gonna keep that in the drafts? Insane!
  9. They should have had CD singles with the images from that shoot. Gorgeous.
  10. Okay now we just need Cardi to tweet about an album release date and single number 2.
  11. Drop a joint album as this with the cover honestly. Stunning.
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  12. Are we getting any more performances of Wild Side?
  13. Collaboration next please!

  14. The crowd reaction!! A hit! Waiting was justified confirmed.
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  15. Not this being from Kaytra’s DC concert! (I didn’t go, but a few of my friends did.)

    i need the full remix on Spotify neow.
  16. Yes please. I need something as good as this:
  17. Nn why are you so adamant about this revisionism? We could have had multiple hits by now / Wild Side would have been even bigger.
  18. I am saying maybe it's good she and her team waited after all because maybe recording and releasing Promise Ring or whatever pop songs she was offered (that she wasn't really feeling) would have led to a different path. I love Wild Side and this lane for her - and it's 100% her bag so I'm happy she didn't record anything she wasn't feeling 100%.
  19. Ok but a cover of this would have slapped!

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