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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Oh Lord not again. *flashbacks to 2019*
  2. It’s climbed to number 47 on the Hot 100 this week in the US. A climb of 5 spaces on its 14th week. It’s doing much better on the chart than Motivation did. It’s such a shame it wasn’t promoted better as it’s doing well on the charts all things considered.
  3. It's a slow-burning kinda of song anyway. It did what it had to do
    doo doo!
  4. The girls are saying it's coming next month.

    I'm seeing people say this is a big jump, could it be a last push for its final peak before focus shifts to the new single?
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  5. It’s been rising steadily for awhile on Urban radio and has been top 5 for a week now. If updates at this level continue, RCA might be pushing for it to go #1 on the format considering its callout scores for the last month.
  6. Nothing is coming until 2022
  7. The way she's condensed entire album eras into a single song.....she's ahead of her time
  9. I kinda get why the wait for a second single is so long if this is still climbing on radio.
  10. I'm conflicted about their strategy here – assuming that there is any strategy. It's been picking up steam with a new trend on TikTok, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything for streaming numbers, as the song is outside the top 200 on both Apple Music and Spotify (it may re-enter on Apple Music this week once the Halloween playlisting ends, but it's been dead on Spotify for a long time).

    If they're waiting to drop anything new so that this can reach its full potential on Urban radio, I just don't think it's worth it. The song is already a huge success in that metric, whether it goes #1 there or not. Will hitting number 1 on one radio format several months after the song peaked on Billboard really be worth waiting to drop another single? I... doubt it. It'll be a nice accomplishment for Twitter stans to boast about, but artists like Doja and Lil Nas X have proven that radio will get onboard with several songs at a time.

    If her team just doesn't have a follow-up ready then I don't even know what to think. Why drop Wild Side and relaunch her career with nothing else planned? The most successful artists at the moment have all dropped multiple singles in a short space and followed those up relatively quickly with albums (Doja, Lil Nas X, and Olivia basically owned 2021). Going 6+ months between singles when the single is only thriving on one format just doesn't make sense and I'm worried about the lack of momentum.

  11. She's insane for this.
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  12. Honestly… I want all this creative energy channeled into the music.
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  13. It’s apparently really close to going number 1 as well

  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Yeah I was just thinking that she could've released another song but it didn't need to have a full single push, that's what Doja and Lil Nas X did. Kiss Me More and Call Me By Your Name were still the 'main' singles when they released Need to Know and Sun Goes Down. And in Doja's case it worked out because Need to Know eventually caught on by itself.
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  15. Yep, don’t expect any follow up until next year.
  16. They should be trying to give Wild Side one last push tbh with it holding so steady on Radio. The AMAS are coming up and Cardi is hosting.... they better not waste that perfect opportunity to perform it with Cardi
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  17. She’s such a charismatic performer and we know Cardi will bring it for her girl so I hope they’ll perform at the amas and give it one last wind before December comes with its crush of holiday songs.
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  18. Success exists outside of the realms of white girl Top 40 radio!

    So proud of Normani! She's worked so hard for this moment and it feels so well-deserved.
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