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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. You can very clearly see that Checklist is completely lipped. She's going for it with the dancing and the vocal never falters once. But the mic is moving around. When she says something to the audience she's about 10x louder. It's lipped, sis!
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  2. If that's true then good on her. It's a real shame the girls couldn't manage it while in the group, but that was their team's fault as much as their own.

    As others have said, considering how much effort she's putting into her performances it's not the end of the world if she's miming. I was more curious at the disparity between her performances now and when she was in the group.
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  3. The songs were lipped because there was intricate choreo throughout most if not all of them and she isn't a beltress by trade. Most if not everyone's faves uses a combination of lipping and heavy backing track and many of them don't even have the excuse of also trying to dance at the same time.
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  4. After that dance move in Love Lies, you can see her realise she's lifted the mic to the audience too early and the vocal kicks in before the mic's at her mouth.

    To be honest, it was aa great performance all round, and at least she made the effort to pre-record vocals that sound both good and realistic for the amount of dancing she was doing.
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  5. For you, triple threat, do it, for ya
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  6. Fffff it's not even 9am let me live
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  7. I think the audio just isn't totally synced with the video. You can notice it being off during the choreo right before the moment you pointed out. Plus she hits a bum note 10 seconds later.
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  8. Yeah, she had a couple of weird notes in Love Lies so that was definitely live, I'd say. Do we know if Waves is going to be her first proper solo (well, with a feature but you know) single?
  9. She probably decided to perform it to see how the public would react. I guess it's gonna be based on that?
  10. I thought Waves was going to be featured on a soundtrack?

    Edit - that's actually a different song. Ignore me.
  11. I'm guessing she's doing what Camila did and just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks? Hopefully one of these will end up being her Havana.
  12. Late to this, but Slow Down is the best thing ever?
  13. Checklist has grown on me so much. Coming for slow down's neck
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  14. Really disappointed I waited so long to check the release out. ‘Checklist’ fucking slaps. Sounds like if Darkchild produced an island song in 2002, amazing.

    ‘Slow Down’ is a little light weight, but my God, does she make a good pop star or what? She sounds amazing, can’t wait to see visuals and performances.
  15. "Slow Down" sounds like it was meant for Calvin's last album.
  16. It was co-written by Jessie Reyes who worked on Faking It and Hard to Love on last year’s album.
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  17. She also co-wrote One Kiss and Promises so that doesn't mean it was for Funk Wavs. I think it sounds way more in line with this year's stuff.
  18. Oh I just meant that that might be why they sounded similar? Since Jessie wrote the topline.
  19. still isn't charting on spotify :(
  20. Checklist has great placements on a lot of New Music Friday playlists on Spotify which should help this week.
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