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Normani - "Wild Side" + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I haven't found Normani remarkably appealing so far. But solo music could obviously change that.

    Having said that I must admit I stan Ally yet don't follow her ddd.
  2. I totally understand. She - like Justine - are kind of made for Instagram, though, to be honest.
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  3. Her duet with Khalid drops tomorrow!

  4. Snippet:

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  5. I'm excited.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I like it, they both sound brilliant.

    Also Rollercoaster is lowkey Bleachers' best song so yas that soundtrack looks brill so far.
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  7. Oh that’s a very nice song. I’m here for Normani being the Whisper Tinashe. Getting her on this vibey sound is hot.
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  8. First official promo picture of Normani as a solo act courtesy of her manager:

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  9. Ooh I'm liking this, very cool. This is exactly the right genre for her and her voice sounds lovely when she stays within her range. She looks stunning in that photo too.
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  10. LOVE this it’s the perfect type of song for her . Can see it possibly doing really well as well.
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  11. She’s confirmed one Beats1 with Zane Lowe that she’s working on a solo project that’s 30% complete:

    I guess that’s confirmation that 5H is going on hiatus once their tour wraps up in the spring.
  12. Interview with V Magazine:

  13. A B.O.P.
  14. Tour is semi-canceled anyway.
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  15. She's serving looks! The Khalid song is cute. I've never looked into 5H but after being impressed by Camila's solo stuff, I'll be checking for Normani.
  16. Yeah the Australian leg was cancelled but it looks like they’re still going ahead with their dates in Asia. They haven’t announced any concrete plans for this year.
  17. She’s reaching for the heights by calling her mononym Normani. You go girl #beyonce
  18. Normani is a fantastic performer and dancer, but I really do think that she's much more suited to being in a group. She shines on stage, but her voice often isn't strong enough to sustain a verse during performances, let alone an entire solo song.
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