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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. This thread is so depressing.
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  2. Is that the name of the album?
  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The tea is that she's literally become the female Harry Styles.

    Thank you and goodnight.
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  4. I remember her teasing the album name in a Zane Lowe interview in 2018. It's been 84 years.gif.
  5. I don't know what this means but I know it's incorrect.
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  6. Yeah, named after the year she started recording it.
  7. Harry Styles has two albums out.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Everything about Normani is so PR-focused now to the point where she's not actually doing anything but we're supposed to believe she is. I won't knock Harry's current hustle because I know he released an album and he's actually doing things, but before all of that, his PR people successfully gaslit the world into believing he was the next big ~cultural icon~ because of a few photoshoots and... nothing else really. I feel like the same thing is happening with Normani, that's all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. The Rita Ora 2013-2017 school of stuntery.
  10. Not me thinking that was a single cover. Girl needs to hurry up.
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  11. But now we said it
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  12. The difference being that Harry floats by on his white male privilege while Normani, who actually possesses the talent and total package to be the next big thing, is doing all this so that when she does release it's not dead on arrival.

    They clearly want to establish her name to the GP before they fully get the ball rolling on anything, which is probably a stupid strategy especially considering no one reads these fake magazines except for pop stans. But it is what it is. The GP doesn't care about black women in pop unless their name is, Beyonce or Rihanna, and Lizzo now I guess. So they should probably just get a move on.
  13. If anything, I'd say she has more in common with Troye Sivan: they each represent the hopes and dreams of/for communities/identities underrepresented in the pop charts, had a lot of hype surrounding their lead singles which faded quickly, squandered high profile collabs, and grappled with repeated album delays.

    Fingers crossed that when Normani's album does come, it's treated as generously as Bloom, but with, you know, the songs and performances to actually warrant it.
  14. I see that she's taking the Troye Sivan route.

    Edit: Damn, I see that @notyourmate beat me to it.
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  15. Lead single should be coming very soon but the fact that “Ring” ended up going to Selena Gomez shows that she’s lost a lot of material and had to re-record the album from scratch.
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  16. This might be a stupid question but if the collab with Dua has been scrapped from her album, could it be going on Normani's album instead?
  17. The song was featuring Normani so unless they’ve recorded it again to be Normani ft Dua I doubt it .
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  18. That song is trash so

    I doubt it because stylistically it definitely sounds like it belongs on Future Nostalgia
  19. It does sound very Dua (at least, it really matches sonically to everything we've heard so far from Future Nostalgia), so I don't think it would necessarily work as a Normani track. They could release it as a one-off single, though!
  20. Billboard will find a way
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