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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Do y'all wanna know what was a moment?


  2. This was kind of a cultural reset
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  3. I mean


  4. Diamonds should've been a Top 5 hit.
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  5. Normani’s performance starts at 11:48.
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  6. The whole set was a mess. Normani was low energy (and some of the vocals on Motivation were a real struggle), but it's hard to fault her lack of enthusiasm when she's playing to what I can only surmise is a half-full high school gymnasium. I know Motivation only came out last summer, but it feels like she's been doing the same songs for 5 years. We need some damn music.
  7. Again?
  8. I don’t understand why her team keeps booking these pointless gigs. She deserves so much more than this.
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  10. Lackluster audiences do not justify lackluster performances and vocals, especially at such a young and important stage in your career in my opinion. This was a bad showing. Twitter comparisons to Selena Gomez’ live vocals is not a good strategy for Team Normani.
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  11. It's her only income sis. Wonderland doesn't pay.
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  12. Is that true? I always thought people got paid to appear in magazines, I mean it is a form of work to model.
  13. No. The only model jobs that pay are brand testimonials and campaigns. And for a select few “Topmodels” also catwalk jobs.
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  14. There's an Interview magazine feature of her that appeared on my timeline this morning. Jeez how many more of these are they gonna do without actual music out? I'm so over industry hype.
  15. ...hopefully those are lyrics.
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  16. Or a message to her team, because ...
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  17. This was a cute moment from her. Felt like ages ago.
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