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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I listened to Love Lies last night after ages and god, what a song! Whatever is happening behind the scenes I hope it gets sorted quick.
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  2. @TeamNormaniRCA interns: Magazine impressions and magazine views do not count towards the chart!
  3. tea


    Fair point!
  4. It’s a damn shame Normani, the one best suited for pop stardom out of Fifth Harmony, is just... existing in the pop world. My oh my, someone got lucky.

    I miss the days when soundtracks were a big thing for both the movie and the artist(s). Now they’re just a footnote, if they’re even released.
  5. Performance of the this song at an award show would be amazing!!
  6. Next single this summer?
    Half-way done her album?

  7. An absolute disaster.
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  8. ''She's already half way done with her debut album''

    The same album that she's been working on for years, and I'm almost certain that she's said has been finished on more than one occasion? Wow, let's celebrate it being classed as 50% done now.
  9. She did, it was ready around the time of Lollapalooza. She is truly trolling us
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  10. Oh dear Normani sis I’ve been defending you and given you the benefit of the doubt as it’s your first album but we REALLY not getting another single until Summer ? a mess !
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  11. I'm so baffled at how she's had the messiest of album roll-outs and how it's still ongoing.
  12. Also note the "hopes".
  13. So basically the album is coming out in 2022.
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  15. Not releasing another single until summer is absolutely ridiculous, way to kill literally all momentum & hype.
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  16. There was momentum and hype? Surely that was killed a while ago.
  17. Like... is she recording one verse per month? How is it taking so long?
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  18. I'm sure an album has always been ready, just that Jessie Reyez, Sabrina Carpenter, *insert B- list girl* keep taking songs from it.
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