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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Articulate queen. She has more class than most.

    I’ve said it before but Camila’s late and also half assed response to Normani’s online abuse by her fans and then not even thinking to go back on tumblr and delete all those heinous posts or even address the leaked messages. It just... SUMS. CAMILA. UP.
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  3. It really is taking her a long time to figure that out, huh.
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  4. Her response to the Camila drama is absolutely perfect. Hopefully that will be the last time she’s asked about that mess.
  5. Now would be the perfect time to announce a lead. Her cover story is getting a lot of attention.
  6. Imagine how tired we are, etc...

  7. Please be a bop like "Lemon" and not anything off Sweetener.
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  8. The potential to be either a major bop or the biggest mess on her discography ddd.
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  9. The fact that I’ll take any kind of discography at this point.
  10. It's just too early to get Ph*rrell on board. We need her to release decent material first.
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  11. Aht, aht, aht—y'all are doing too much on Pharrell again. Yes, Sweetener's production from him had some duds, but don't forget that he's actually produced some great tracks over the past few years.
    I think he'd produce some good shit with Normani. She has a voice made for this.
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  12. The issue isn't recording or recording good material, the issue is it coming out.
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  13. I'm glad users in this thread started bringing up that these endless delays and false starts are not her fault, because that began to irk me. I don't think any artist wants to be stalled by their label, and I know it's got to hurt to see former bandmates with less—whether less talent or resources—do more.

    I'm just as frustrated as the rest of you all, but seeing various comments around social media blaming Normani for being in this predicament are not only in poor taste, but are also ignorant of the fact that she has an incompetent team who manages to nab the biggest magazines and one of the biggest lingerie lines in the world, yet cannot settle upon a release date, cover art, and followup singles. They're doing absolutely nothing for this woman and being paid for it. I'm not in the mood to debate.

    Hennyways, if you have some time to spare, one of my favorite youtubers to emerge in the last few months—no, not AjayII—has an insightful video calling out her godawful team.
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  14. I wish I can spend only one day at the RCA offices because I really need to know what's up with them. Like really ... what are they thinking?

    The fact that Lolo Zouaï signed with RCA in 2019 and already has an album and an EP out.
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  15. Motivation has grown on me quite a bit lately. I still think she can do a lot better, but it really does slap, especially at the end.
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  16. Labels and their decisions... man I don't know. I'd love to know what Normani's team is thinking. I'd love to know what Tinashe's team was thinking. I'd love to know what the head of Blackground was thinking regarding JoJo and Aaliyah. There's just been so many choice decisions made that clearly haven't helped an artists career. It's clear the constant stop/start/change in different direction approach rarely works out. I wished they'd just trust the damn artists they signed more.
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  17. Especially when they have so much goodwill among fans and non-fans alike. Almost the entirety of Black Twitter is rooting for Normani to succeed, Tinashe managed to shift the narrative in her favor upon the release of Songs for You, and, while I admittedly don’t know much about JoJo, she still maintains a devout stanbase and has been consistent in releasing music since her liberation.
  18. I also think Pharell could potentially be a good collaborator for her. The production just needs to be big and full (like Apeshit) instead of the tinny ditties on Sweetener.
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  19. I'm so happy this is not going to come out <3
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