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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

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    She was on Instagram live last night, connecting with a few randoms. I watched it for 15 seconds and had to turn it off after two girls talked to her about how amazing her "artistry" was and that she was "going to be the next Beyoncé - actually, [she] already is the next Beyoncé". The bamboozlement of it all, I tell you! And not that she could say anything other than "thank you", but it just felt so awkward to watch her get the Beyoncé comparison to her face like that, with a grand total of like... 5 songs to her name.

    I know people have already alluded to there being management issues behind-the-scenes, but I still maintain the fact that everything about her has become so PR-focused because of the Beyoncé comparisons that it's become more of a hindrance than a compliment. The complete waste of momentum she built for a solid debut era with Love Lies/Dancing With a Stranger/Motivation is utterly shocking to me.
  2. It’s mad really because given the right strategy she really could be/could have been a big pop girl who made great music. I feel like they’ve left it too late now though, but who knows?
  3. I'm thinking back to the two Rolling Stone covers citing "the takeover" and a "pop perfectionist makes her move" and thinking... what takeover? What moves is she making? She has one solo single, really. It's especially confusing considering she was on one of the covers with SZA and Megan, who are two women that actually have transformative and ground-breaking projects to their names.

    I've always been in Normani's corner (even during Fifth Harmony, where she was seriously overlooked), but now I'm starting to feel hoodwinked.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. I still don't understand that cover because SZA has been widely known since 2016 and already had a big album 3 + years ago
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  5. Aside from her performance skills, I never got the Beyoncé comparisons.
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  6. An EP or even album was supposed to be out but everything got pulled obviously. She was supposed to be doing all the european festivals too. With what material you ask, well yes if the EP had materialised when it should have...
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  7. The failed trajectory of Normani's career is one of pop's biggest mysteries right now, and I've given up any hope in finding an answer - or a twist ending. At this point, just move this to Comeback Corner.

    Never in a million years did I think Ally & Dianh would be the two dishing out endless bops.
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  8. Seeing as Ms Corona is going to have her wicked way with the industry for the rest of the year, I wouldn't be surprised if any attempt a relaunch gets pushed back to next year now, it no longer feels like she's a priority. It's a shame all her collaborations have amounted to virtually nothing. I do feel for her.
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  9. Pinch of salt but it's being reported that she's worked with over 29 producers so far for the album. Including Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Pharrell. Can't help but think they must have spent a fortune so far? There will be nothing left in the budget to promote should this album ever materialise. It makes you wonder what kind of civil war is going on between RCA, Normani and her management for all this work to go in and virtually nothing to materialise.
  10. Half these songs have gone to other people already, half of those have been released already too.
  11. The fact stans are calling the album #N1 though when it's barely #N0.35 at this point.
  12. Despite reading this thread regularly, I just checked and... Motivation only scraped the Top 40 in both the USA and UK!? How did this happen!?

    For some reason I assumed it had lingered in the lower reaches of the Top 10 and that the label were apprehensive about launching an album off the back of something that wasn’t a #1 smash... now I can understand why the whole campaign went into meltdown. Such a shame (presumably the Megan Thee Stallion feature was already recorded to cement both rising stars as established?)

    Charts mean shit, of course, but I don’t think that the explosion of the Motivation video was intended to be a buzz/hype single? Waves did that already... if they need a smash and the budget has been frozen, just re-release Checklist with a credited Calvin and Wizkid featured and see what happens!
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    I hope Normani herself is ok. She must be frustrated as hell that she's not able to showcase all her abilities and take advantage of the stage in place for her, while other former band members that aren't Dinah, Ally or Lauren are praised for the bare minimum and seem to be getting endorsed left right and centre for...some reason
  14. When Tinashe first made her mainstream debut there were so many people claiming she was the next Beyonce and we all know how things turned out. The same comparisons are made about Normani and everything’s stalled! Being compared to Bey when you’re fresh out the gate is a curse I tell ya!!!
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  15. Oh my fucking god!!! I hate the cackle that came out of my mouth just now.
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  16. But were they really thinking her performing Motivation at an MTV award show and doing some obscure magazine covers that call her a "superstar" would be enough to make it a hit? Because it was not.
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  17. Yeah it definitely wasn’t enough. It did generate a healthy amount of buzz that her team totally missed the jump on. Motivation is good and she obviously sold the shit out of it on stage and in the video, but it’s not one of those songs that could just sell itself like Say So.
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  18. I mean for the lack of attention the label gave Motivation it did quite well, its hit 180m on Spotify so not too shabby. But yeah definitely had the potential to do more with the right strategy
  19. Motivation could have done much better had it been given any form of promotion or support beyond its first week.
    When did PopCrave become more than a Twitter account? Worrying.
  20. The pointed tone that appears in this thread from time to time as if Normani’s the force halting her own career is always unnecessary. “She” is definitely not interchangeable with “her team.”

    Keep this same energy for your fave flop Scandi-pop girls.

    As always, there’s an implicit “I said what I said” within this post.
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