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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. The fact that her team saw how well Motivation was received and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it speaks for itself. Normani isn't responsible for marketing, booking performances, etc. – they should have had her on at least a handful of late-night or daytime shows performing the song after the VMAs, or at least come up with some kind of social media push. There was just... nothing.
  2. Also the Graham Norton performance that got mysteriously cancelled last minute which would have been her push in the UK. Yeah something’s definitely going on behind the scenes.
  3. It got to #27 in the UK, which is actually very respectable for a new artist. It definitely could have gone higher though, especially if the Graham Norton performance went ahead. I heard it a lot on the radio at the time and feel like it's the kind of song that could/should have been huge over here.
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  4. How very Rihanna of her
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  5. I don’t know if working with 29 producers is a good thing... To me it seems like she doesn’t have a clue about her sound.
  6. Is it actually 29 producers or 29 well known songwriters and producers?
  7. The songs she's been sent have been submissions from 29 producers, some of them could be working together. She did not visit 29 studios to sit down and create stuff guys.
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  9. Just popping in to say Slow Down should’ve been a worldwide, multi-week number one smash.

    Good morning to everyone, except whoever decided to just chuck the song out there and let it die a quick death. xx
  10. I think Normani hates Slow Down so there was no chance of that happening lol.
  11. Checklist is still IT
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  12. ANOTHER magazine? Not even the best album in history of mankind justifies this kind of intensive magazine coverage and PR buffoonery.
  13. The album is the empty pool.
  14. What the fuck is happening.
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  15. It's kind of impressive how much of a shit show her entire solo career has been. Her team are a bunch of dumbasses.
  16. Interview from that photoshoot:
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  17. We love a model.
  18. The photo is a serve though.
  19. Beautiful photo but we need something...
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