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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I like that she's diffusing the criticisms with humour, but sis, pictures of you in the studio doesn't mean shit if you don't release songs. Her team needs to get fucked.
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  2. Of course. Unlike some others, I do actually believe that Normani wants to be a pop star, rather than the part time model she seems to have turned into. It's almost certainly out of her hands, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.
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  3. She’s got Rita’s career before Phoenix, but only the magazine shoots part.
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  4. She had a little cameo on Megan and Cardi’s new music video.
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  5. The way she’s getting clowned on twitter for this fdgkjsdnfglsdfg
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  6. You hate to see it ddd!

  7. i can’t

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  9. It just keeps going. I feel bad :(

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  10. I wish these were wrong....and I wish I didn’t relate to this energy so much.
  11. Not Cardi joining in

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  12. Why are they clowning her? She killed that!
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  13. When I saw her on the WAP video I was happy cause she killed it and she looks amazing, but also I couldn’t help but feel sad cause I genuinely don’t understand how someone with so much talent and star power releases a super hyped single and then just disappears for a year.
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  14. I genuinely think that Normani’s opportunity to become a big pop girl has passed. At this point she’s what, an ex-girl group member who released a couple of successful collabs and a mildly popular solo single. I guess she might do something in the US where she seems to have a lot of good will but internationally I really doubt it. Outside of Work From Home (and maybe Worth It) Fifth Harmony weren’t particularly popular internationally so she doesn’t even really have that going for her.
  15. Imagine wasting an iconic look like that on someone else’s video. Like what the fuck is she doing.
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  16. Can't she get Dua's producers and make something more along the lines of Dancing With A Stranger? Disco music, but more chill and R&B leaning, Donna Summer but make it more modern. That was a sound that worked really well for her.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A proper single can always happen to anyone. A lot of this dismissiveness is premature and also myopic of how she’s regarded with Black audiences.
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  18. Yeah, for many people, they have a moment where they can get big or not. I do think Normani has a bigger window available to her and she’s just one hit single from getting there as she’s obviously got the talent, it’s just a matter of everything else working out.
  19. It will not work out if you release one song every 8 months though.
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  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    As we've seen. There's no reason to believe automatically that that's meant to be her release strategy indefinitely.
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