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Norway: MGP 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Dec 7, 2019.

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    As Norge are going supersized in 2020 for their 60th Anniversary, I thought it might be good to give Melodi Grand Prix its own thread.

    Instead of the usual one/two show format, they're taking a page out of Mello's book and having five, yes five, regional semi-finals taking place in different parts of the country, with the final taking place outside of Oslo for the first time in MGP history at the Spektrum arena in Trondheim.

    At each of the regional semis, four acts will take part with just one song from each progressing to the final. Another five songs will have already been chosen independently by a "jury of professionals" (hmmm) outside of the semi-finals, so there will be 10 songs in total at the grand final.

    But will the songs be any good? NRK introduced new rules.mp3 where each song had to have at least one Norwegian songwriter and they've had between 500 - 600 submissions so I guess we'll hear very soon because it all kicks off on the 11th January.

    11 January 2020: 4 songs representing Southern Norway
    18 January 2020: 4 songs representing Central Norway
    25 January 2020: 4 songs representing Western Norway
    1 February 2020: 4 songs representing Eastern Norway
    8 February 2020: 4 songs representing Northern Norway
    15 February 2020: Final with 10 songs

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  2. Reveal, January 6th.
  3. I think I get NRK. Let's see if Tele2 are playing silly buggers there too.
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  4. Ready for today's reveal!
    Apparently Raylee (MGP 2015) is back!
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    Looks like they're only announcing the artists and songs from the first semi today. The schedule is basically this each week:
    • Monday before semi: artists and songs from the semi-final revealed
    • Friday before semi: one of the 5 pre-qualified final songs premiered

    How annoying.
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    They're revealing the pre-qualified final artists first:
    1. Didrik & Emil «Out Of Air»
      Tekst og melodi: Eric Lumiere, Jonas H Jensen, Niklas Rosstöm
      [brothers, Didrik represented Norway in 2010]
    2. Ulrikke Brandstorp «Attention»
      Tekst og melodi: Christian Ingebrigtsen, Kjetil Mørland [ugh] og Ulrikke Brandstorp
      [previously MGP 2017]
    3. Akuvi «Som du er»
      Tekst og melodi: Beatrice Akuvi Kumordzie og Andreas Stone
      [2018 contestant's Anna Lisa Kumoji's sister]
    4. Sondrey «Take My Time»
      Tekst og melodi: Ola Frøyen, Eric Lumiere og Terchi Pippuri
    5. Tone Damli «Hurts Sometimes»
      Tekst og melodi: Helge Moen, Jim Bergsted, Jethro Fox og Tone Damli
      [MGP 2009, Mello 2013]
    Semi 1, Southern Norway:
    1. Kim Rysstad «Rainbow»
      Tekst og melodi: Knut Bjørnar Asphol
    2. Raylee «Wild»
      Tekst og melodi: Andreas Stone, Anderz Wrethov og Laurell Barker [not you, not you]
    3. Geirmund «Come Alive»
      Tekst og melodi: Eric Lumiere, Jonas H. Jensen og Niklas Rosstöm
    4. Lisa Børud «Talking About Us»
      Tekst og melodi: Jimmy Jansson [imagine how tired we are], Anderz Wrethov [*long pause*], Maia Wright og Laurell Barker [imagine how tired we are of it]
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    Anyone fancy a Polish Margaret reject?

    Or... whatever this cookie cutter nonsense is

  8. I'm so here for Tone to take this.
  9. A&E


    Maybe a Rise like a Phoenix retread? Anyone?

    I... can't believe this is the song I like the most out of all semi 1 entries.

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  10. Raylee is my favorite here. But then again her competition is... no one?
  11. Glad to see Tone back, about time too!
    So far only been bopping to Lisa, so that's my fav in this semi.
  12. Both Kim, Lisa and Raylee are quite big names in Norway, so I'm surprised that they managed to get artists the public actually know. They have all been on "Stjernekamp", an Idol sort of program for artists. Kim got in 2nd place just before Christmas and Lisa got in 3rd(? I think) in 2017, while Raylee got in 3rd(? again, I think) in 2014. Geirmund was on The Voice seven years ago, and nobody has heard from him since.

    The songs were not half bad either? I mean, I expected this to be a total shit show, but all of these are ranging from "Okay" to "This is perfectly acceptable".

    Considering the Norwegian people have a very simple taste, I am guessing they will either go for Kim "Rise Like a Phoenix" Rysstad or Raylee.
  13. Having artists pre-qualify for the final is the highest buffoonery and riggory that I can think of.

    What's the point of the preceding weeks if one of the pre-finalists wins???
  14. Turkey talking about Big 5 automatically qualifying
  15. Yaaaasss this weak basic bop sent my wig into the air!


    Ooh... ooh

    Ooh ooh-ooh-ooh

    Ooh........ ooh?!
  16. A&E



    As far as I know Stone and Wrethov are both Swedish and Laurell Barkerr is Canadian? Did they forget to vanity credit Raylee or something
  17. Daddy Didrik.
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  18. Can someone please make a gif of the camera swooping in on Tiffany Pollard but instead of Beyoncé it says LAURELL BARKER?!?!? because I get the feeling we are going to have that reaction through many countries for the next few weeks.
  19. For what it's worth, a page on the NRK website now lists a fourth songwriter, someone called Thomas Wallén.
    But he also appears to be Swedish.

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