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Norway: MGP 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Raylee's Wild is going amazingly well on Spotify. 600,000 streams already. Shes doing about 200k streams per week. As a comparison, Rein Alexander has 88k streams to date, Didrik and Emil have only 55k streams, and Sondrey has only 52k streams. Wild is a SMASH!
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  2. [​IMG]

  3. Boppy effort from former Idol - contestant Oda Gjøvåg aka Oda Loves you!
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  4. Straight-to-the-final Ulrikke's "Attention" is out earlier than planned:

    It's nice enough in terms of production and melody but sheesh, those lyrics. Sis. She sings the word "attention" about 50 times too many.
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  5. BOP!

  6. Pretty spellbound with this. Could be a proper moment live. My 2nd to Wild! One Last Time in 3rd.
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  7. Caroline Polachek found... alive and thriving.
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  8. A&E


  9. Magnus Bokn won tonight. Sigh.

    Ulrikke’s performance of ‘Attention’ was very solid, though. She sang the shit out of it! And some great drama with the lighting. The song is growing on me too. I wouldn’t be mad if they send that but I have a feeling we haven’t heard the winning song yet...
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  10. This selection is the absolute PITS nn.
  11. Us: I wonder why Norway don’t copy MelFest
    Norway: here you go!
    Us: thanks I hate it
  12. A&E


    Ulrikke's performance gave me VViktoria's Not with Me.
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  13. Blown away by Ulrikke that was seriously good. Massive grand final potential.
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  14. Honestly, Ulrikke really sold the song. I worry it might have a Paenda trajectory but it’s a risk worth taking
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  15. Perhaps Democracy is not the best way.
  16. Apparently they’re yet to reveal Agnete as a contestant... I’m convulsing
  17. Maybe if they'd properly gone melfest and spent some of the oil money on opening and interval acts, instead of having beardyman talk to Arne and Sofia who he abducted invited from the local petrol station.
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