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Norway: MGP 2020

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Oops now she is in the top2. Ulrikke has to win this, right??
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  2. What in the amy Winehouse versus sanna Nielsen is going on
  3. This was supposed to be a lot less stressful. Final 2 Raylee and Ulrikke doesn't matter who wins.

    Wish it had gone the whole way and finished with Ulrikke Vs Liza.

    Anyway come on crown Ulrikke I've got about 5 hours of national finals to get through yet.
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  4. Enough of this crazy sister already!
  5. Jon Ola Sand makes a lot of things better.
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    Come on Ulrikke x
    3 votes submitted from Nord.
  7. I’m crying at the outrage from the Norwegians. Do we think they’re gonna do it all over so the people will get their democratic finalists? Rein is really popular and I would have been very surprised if he hadn’t made the final 4 with a proper public vote.
  8. I'm reading the voting page is down again, mess.
  9. I voted from the East.
  10. *violet chachki voice* I hate keino
  11. FUCK. That was close.
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  13. woooh this was way too close! but congrats ulrikke
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  15. I almost fainted. That was wayyyy too close omg.

    Thank GOD. We the OST-ers voted right.
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  17. We binning central Norway
  18. When the Midt votes came in my heart stopped
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  19. Yas the right choice
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