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Not Safe For Work (Channel 4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Anyone else seen this? New comedy drama from the makers of Fresh Meat which stars the amazing Zawe Ashton and is really funny, all about the absurdities of office life. My favourite characters are Danny and Angela who spend their day in the office drinking and doing drugs. Sacha Dhawan who plays Danny is just beautiful.
  2. I'm watching and a bloody love it. Zawe Ashton is literally one of the best in the business right now.
  3. I have enjoyed it, it's not great yet, but it is on the good side. I love Angela the most, "Noooo coke first, then ket for later as a pick me up", everytime she utters even one syllable I stifle a giggle. And Zawe Ashton really can carry a series, I expect her to go up and up.
  4. I can see Zawe Ashton as the next Sheridan Smith. Starting off in low key comedies then becoming the best and most popular actress in the country! She really is amazing.

    Angela kills me. Loved when her and Danny went for a "legal wee".
  5. I had to watch the first episode again because I thought I'd just been mistaken; Danny is bisexual then?
  6. I never got the implication that he is bisexual. What makes you think that? I would not be averse to a gay sex scene featuring him though, he is my official new man crush...
  7. Every time I see Zawe Ashton in something I'm taken back by how much star power and charisma she had, she's such a star. I always see her as the next Doctor because of the strange energy she had in Fresh Meat but seeing her here in a more conventional role was a bit of a revelation. The Sheridan Smith comparison is spot on.
  8. When Katherine walks in on him with porn on his computer there's naked men and women, the men aren't in pictures with women so I took that as bisexual?
  9. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that! Makes sense.
  10. Perhaps we might see him getting hot and heavy with a guy, this would be nice.
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  11. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll definitely catch up because I love Zawe. It looks pretty decent from the trailers I've seen too.
  12. You'll love it I'm sure, the right amount of comedy/drama and really rather good acting all round.
  13. 3rd Episode was also really good. It just clicked with me that this series is like a British version of Parks and Rec. Just a lot darker.

    I love the layers they're adding to the characters especially to Anthony who is carrying a lot of the more serious elements of the series.
  14. Caught up with this and I really enjoyed it so far. There's actually a lot more drama in it than I expected, I was thinking it was going to be all comedy. Zawe is amazing obviously, and I love Danny and Angela.
  15. This is getting better and better. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so serious and dark either.

    Line of the series for me is still Angela's, when asked what she brings to the company, "class".

    I want to go on a night out with Danny and Angela! Reminds me of my student days...
  16. Zawe Ashton is fabulous and I'll watch the whole series but I don't think I really get it. The tone is all over the place and the initial set up not entirely convincing (Everybody ending up working at the same place seems unlikely).

    The guy playing Danny is amazing.
  17. I would like Danny to be my boyfriend. I'm not sure what this says about me.
  18. Danny is really fit but something about Anthony this week made me see the attraction to him. Maybe the looking especially good while smoking or the aggression, probably a mix of both. . .
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  19. The most recent episode was all over the place in terms of tone and all the main cast members rally got to show off multiple sides of their characters. I was a little worried it was becoming too much of a farce in the presentation but they managed to pull it off with Danny's speech to the room.

    I'm enjoying this a lot, one of the best C4 Dramas I've seen in a long time.
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