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Novelty Hits The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Looking at some of the threads above thought it was about time we had an area for so called Novelty hits where some are most definite Novelty and others are just classed as Novelty whether they are or not. So I will start with a couple and the question is like or dislike?
    This track did not chart here in the UK. I had not heard it in years until about 2 years ago and with great shame I admit to this being a like. Couldn't get it out of my head for hours.
  2. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    I hate novelty hits.
  3. How about a complete & utter abomination from 1978?. Comedy stars Arthur Mullard & Hylda Baker's version of the Travolta/John track You're The One That I Want. This is absolutely horrible. Who persuaded them to sing live. So for me this is UGLY.
  4. The only record to ever go down the charts after appearing on TOTP's. HA!!!
  5. Aneka had two singles before Ooh Shooby Doo Do Lang - Japanese Boy (which was a #1) and Little Lady. Japanese Boy is a total classic but you could argue that it was a one-hit wonder. The other two didn't chart.

    I've been trying to book Aneka for a gig for years but to no avail. It's a sort of running joke between me and my cabaret pals, but seemingly she's made bucketloads out of Japanese Boy and doesnt need any PAs to support her.
  6. Any novelty song Peter Kay released for charity could drive me to drink and/or violence. I like him but there were a few years there that you couldn't get away from his atrocious covers
  7. 90% of novelty hits are atrocious. But I'd like to confess that I not-so-secretly love 'Cotton Eye Joe'.
  8. Turn Down For What is incredibly enjoyable.
  9. Turn Down For What is one of the best songs of 2014 and I will fight anyone who disagrees.
  10. [video=youtube;wZv62ShoStY][/video]

    and chuck in 'The Ketchup Song' and 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)'...
  11. [video=youtube;tpGRdX5sUAs][/video]

    This has to count, if only for it's comedic use during the 2000s.
  12. [video=youtube;ON-7v4qnHP8][/video]

    Loved it, don't care.
  13. and this...

  14. More of my childhood........

  15. I like the Harry Enfield track myself but as for Mr C yuck
  16. Here's another couple from the 80s. This first track is classed as novelty but I'm not too sure. For me though I love it.
    Jimmy The Hoover Tantalise July 1983
  17. And now I bring you this all time classic from the Krankies with Fan Dabi Dozi, now once again I should loathe this but being 11 at the time I've grown up with it, but it is bad.
  18. I've always wanted that Jimmy the Hoover track on CD. Apparently it's on some very rare/expensive european DJ compilation or something.
  19. [video=youtube;3YjDMmjgKec][/video]

  20. I genuinely love this...

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