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November 2019 PJ Charts: Have you ever thought about taping your big mouth shut?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. FYC:
    Jolin Tsai's queer anthem 'Womxnly' & the Ugly Beauty album

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  2. My FYCs of the month:

    No one ever remembers to vote for them but the new unperfect / xenomania song pops off:

    Yungblud isn't very big on PJ but I love his new collaboration with Marshmello:

    and the ever prolific Terror Jr:
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  3. I will be voting, especially for my dads and moms

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  4. Um...

    Did you maybe forget to vote for Go On... It's A Vibe?
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I voted for unperfect this month! Their output has been really good lately.
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  7. Fun fact: it’s not against the rules to tell people what you voted for! FYC after you submit your votes.
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  8. I'm dumb so I genuinely can't tell whether or not this is sarcasm. Should I delete my post saying I voted for [redacted]?
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  9. No don’t do it. I was encouraging people to be more like you!!!! My bad dddd.
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  10. Haha! The best part of this triptych of quoted posts is @ohnostalgia's progression from educated disinterest to resigned acceptance in her editorial comments of the reveals.

    • "I guess Xenomania still exists. #themoreyouknow"
    • "that title.....why would you do that?"
    • "I lowkey like unperfect, but not enough to stan. You know?"

    Our chart queen in her complete glory!

    PS: I also voted for unperfect a couple of times early in the year. I like them well enough & am kinda rooting for them, but they just sort drift out of focus for me so far. Their launch was kind of a mess, but they seem to be on a slightly better track now.
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  11. I’d like to say nobody warned me I’d have to deal with a Marina song this month, so who knows what I’ll say if it charts?
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  12. Oh! It's been a while since I took part in these things so I don't know what the rules are anymore to be honest.

    Please vote for Regulars by Allie X, everyone!!!
  13. Speaking of Marina...
    I'm actually going to do this, too. Probably just "The Art of Letting Go", but still.
  14. I voted for the other one. @ohnostalgia found rejoicing at the lack of coordinaton on our ballots
  15. I apologise in advance for voting for so many boy groups this month @ohnostalgia
  16. Posting Saisei again, because this performance has driven me mad!!!!
  17. A few November albums that I don't think have been posted:

    For the moody dancejustice types:

    For the "OK, what would happen if a violinist made R&B?" types:

  18. It's too late for FYCs but the Swifties better support the Artist of the Decade's soon to be Oscar-nominated new song

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  19. Please y'all, don't forget about JoJo this month!

    And I randomly voted for this this month. I'm sure none of y'all have room, but if you do, throw this some points:
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