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November 2019 PJ Charts: Have you ever thought about taping your big mouth shut?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. How do you embed a playlist. I tried everything. Even the button media, but he since the extension isn't allowed?
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  2. I would just like to say that I am SO mad I missed this Villagers EP’s charting chance cause it is GORGEOUS!

    Also shout out to everyone who voted for the new Michael Kiwinuka album cause y’all reminded that he’s one of my favorite contemporary male artists and that album is incredible!
  3. Honestly like just thinking about doing a best of the decade list is giving me anxiety. How am I supposed to choose. HOW
  4. Can't believe no one else voted for the Miss Anthropocene leak! I couldn't wait until February.
  5. Right? Like...I've been thinking about it since it was brought up, and I'm anxious about figuring it out.
    But you know. In the good way, cause it gives me a chance to think about music I love.
  6. Have you tried from a mobile device?
  7. Both. You just hyperlink it?
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  8. Spotify playlist embeds are just wonky. Sometimes I have issues with them & sometimes they work perfect. I know this sounds weird, but awhile back one of mine wouldn't embed when I copied the link right from Spotify, but when I pasted the playlist link to a text file & then copy/pasted that into the thread it worked fine.
  9. My @Sprockrooster voting Helwa Ya Baladi - we adore!!! Lots of love to Mon Bel Homme xoxoxo
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  10. It only works on mobile for me, but I get the playlist link and use the media button.
  11. Wait a minute @ohnostalgia, looking at my ballot I did give Grimes 'So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth' 2 points.
    It won't change change anything though. I shouldn't shorten the song names.
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  12. I tried this but I still get the message media does not support spotify, which is weird as it states it supports spotify.

    Could you try it please to embed it? Maybe you have more priviliges on this site ddd. Then I can copy it! Here is the link:
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  13. Try adding “user/jeroendunk/“ after ““ (and before “playlist/“) and then using the Media option. I just did it and it gave me this:

  14. Bless you!!
  15. Okay wait I see 7 10s in this playlist.
    Maybe I should have done this.
  16. Here's the Best of 2019 (So Far) FYC Playlist we made. It only has 60 songs, so we have a lot of work to do to make it worthy of this year.

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  17. This should be pinned somewhere in the rate help desk thread.
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