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November 2022 PJ Charts: Finished!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Nov 14, 2022.

  1. Hope you can join us:
    @Phonetics Girl

    Everyone is welcome... and keep the ballots coming!
  2. A few things i've been enjoying;

  3. Oh hi hey, here's the songs I'm voting for 100%:

  4. I hope you are all voting for Weyes Blood.
  5. Last minute FYCs:

    Latest bop from the new album due next year.

    This is climbing the UK charts; can it climb ours?

    One of my favourite South African singers and a past PJSC medallist launches her newest album campaign with this single.

    Jazzy pleasantness.

    Spiky dance punk that reminded me of TV On The Radio but with a female singer.
  6. Love these recs but that metronomy shade took me outf
  7. "Escapism" charted at #22 last month. I didn't think it would have a shot again, so I left it off my November ballot, but I guess I'll be rooting for it to make as rapid an ascension here as it did on the real charts!
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  9. Oh great, I was about to ask for a little extension. Will definitely send my charts by 9th!
  10. tea


    Jsjdksjjs this totally slipped my mind. Let me get a ballot together
  11. Sorry I suck this month but literally doing this now!
  12. Thank goodness. Still buried in work at the moment.
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Oop forgot this came out in November so yath, please give this album a point or ten!!
  14. Dddd gonna have to throw something together, very happy there's an extensions.
  15. Sorry for the absence, November was certainly......a month that existed for me but anyway here are some superlast minute Spanish recommendations!

    Julieta Venegas has released her new album Tu Historia at long last.

    The title track got its own video, too.

    Sara Ontaneda released her Volcan EP.

    Karol G released her song with Ovy On The Drums Cairo which @soratami highlighted previously.

    And lastly is the song @Trouble in Paradise highlighted earlier Amigos by Pablo Alborán and Maria Becerra.

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  16. Had a little flurry of ballots last night!

    Those who are still to vote, you have technically until Saturday morning to vote. When my rather hungover self (Christmas party tonight!) will be inputting the last ballots.

  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  18. I sent a vote in already a few days ago.
  19. This keeps falling off my radar to do so let me do it in the next hour while I remember ff
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