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NOW 50-59 Rate (2001-2004) [Deadline 2/08/14]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SophiaSophia, Jul 20, 2014.

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    It's that time again to rate another batch of NOW compilations this time NOW 50-59 covering the years 2001-2004.

    Below are the tracklistings for each NOW all you have to do is make a personal Top 10 with number 1 being worth 10 points and number 10 worth 1 point and PM your top ten to myself like you would do in any other rate. Also include your top 3 songs from each NOW these don't have to be in order as they get a point each. Then tell me what the worst song is for each NOW album.

    The Now Tracklistings:

    NOW 50
    NOW 51
    NOW 52
    NOW 53
    NOW 54
    NOW 55
    NOW 56
    NOW 57
    NOW 58
    NOW 59

    The deadline is 2/08/14 at midnight BST the results will be posted on 3/08/14

    Feel free to discuss anything about the NOW series.

    Happy Voting!
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  2. Re: NOW 50-59 Rate (2001 -2004) [Deadline 26/07/14]

    I know what my #1 would be!
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Re: NOW 50-59 Rate (2001 -2004) [Deadline 26/07/14]

    Well up for this - hopefully we'll get more voters this round!
  4. Re: NOW 50-59 Rate (2001 -2004) [Deadline 26/07/14]

    Ooh this is where I started getting Now albums (well 49 was my first) so I will try and take part! And my all-time fave is in this batch.
  5. Re: NOW 50-59 Rate (2001 -2004) [Deadline 26/07/14]

    NOW 50 is flawless! I remember buying that the same day I saw the first Harry Potter film at the Tamworth Odeon! Memories are flooding back. The 50's certainly had many issues due to the HITS series owning the rights to most of the songs that were big at the time.
  6. I've not forgotten about this but because I'm busy with PJSC I'm extending the deadline by a week also didn't help that I didn't do a reminder. Plus it's getting tougher to choose and if I do a rate for NOW 60- 69 I think two weeks to vote is now the way to go.
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