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Now, Now - SGL

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by jvamaral, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. This is just too good to not be shared. They already have an album, that it's amazing on its own, but this is above expectation.

  2. I love these guys! I've seen them dozens of time since they're local for me.

    I demand that you listen to this @Andy French
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  4. I was obsessed with Threads for quite a bit, but had forgotten about them!
    Will take a peaksy!
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  5. Aag


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  6. Besides them being great, I think Brad is so cute. I would love to be his groupie.
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  7. Did they just release this? This song came out in like May??

    Anyway I was obsessed with them back in the day. Then they took a hiatus for like 84 years, lost a member and I don't even recognize the lead singer anymore but i'm here for this comeback! They just need to stop moving at snail pace.
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    I think it's funny that Jess Abbot ( the guitarist that left the group) managed to put out two solo albums* while she was still in Now Now. Of course, her last album was put out a year before Now Now announced that Jess was perhaps she wasn't part of the group during that time and they just didn't announce it until 2017.

    *Tancred (2013) and Out of the Garden (2016) . I think they are both really nice. Tancred is a lot more accessible than Out of the Garden.
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  9. They've managed to put together a really polished and professional image now while trying to get a label, I'm very impressed.
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  10. Does anyone know how old they are now? I feel like they started really young.
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    Cacie Dalager and Bradley Hale made the band when they were 16. Since that was in....2003 I think they are both 30 or 29 depending on if they had their birthdays or not. They didn't release their first album till 2008 though.
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  12. They just released another great song on SoundCloud.

    I await your thoughts @Andy French
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  13. Sounds very similar to another song but I can't put my finger on it. Someone help me out?
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    It kind of sounds like The Wire by HAIM or Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fear....but I just feel like there's another song it sounds way more similar too.

    I'm so glad that they released a second song.... I wasn't really sure if SGL was going to be a one off.... so this confirms that they are definitely releasing an album.
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  15. 'Yours' is so freaking good.
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  16. Yes that's what it is! It also kinda sounds like the chorus of "Stockholm Syndrome" by One Direction, which is basically a rip off of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" mixed with HAIM's sound.
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