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Now, Now - SGL

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by jvamaral, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Loving this.
  2. Just bought two tickets to see them in LA in July. I'm obsessed with every new song they've released from this.
  3. 'MJ' is great but it's a carbon copy of 'Yours'.
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  4. Fantastic run of singles, looking forward to the album.
  5. Yeah, it just made me want to listen to Yours, which is still a grade A Bop.
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  7. I’m waiting till it’s on Spotify but I am soooo excited
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  8. I am waiting for Spotify!! Super hyped though, ‘MJ’ grabbed and floored me recently.
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  9. Ooh. Just last night I remembered the album was coming this week. Think i'll give this a listen tonight.
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  10. Finally listening. I'd somehow forgotten "SGL" opens the album, and I'm reminded all over again how fantastic it is. Followed swiftly by "MJ," which picks up the sonic baton wonderfully.
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    Also artwork of the year.

  12. Fuck.

    The album is far more dreamy and mellow than I was expecting, so I need to give it time to sink into my bones BUT they've got a new best song.

    Blown me away, teebs.
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  13. This album is very good. They're really good at creating that dreamy-driving-alone-atmosphere they talk about.
  14. Love the album. Definitely more dreamy and downtempo as mentioned, but it's a concentrated dose. It's like if Beach House had a spoonful of sugar.
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  15. It's a good cohesive album but aside from "Yours" and "SGL", I don't see myself returning to it often. Unlike their first album which I had on repeat for the longest time when it came out.
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  16. I'm pretty smitten with the album, to be honest.
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  17. There has been a lot of good albums released this month, but I keep wanting to go back to this one. It has such a positive vibe running throughout that truly makes it stand out without it ever feeling slight or bland. Definitely one of my favorites of the year so far.
  18. I cannot stop playing this. Incredible.

    ‘Window’ and ‘Knowme’ are stellar.
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  19. @digitalkaiser FYC'd this between Ssion and Beach House for the May charts so I had to check it out. Finally listening today and really loving it. The Beach House with sugar description is apt and I can't wait to add them to my big Beach House/xx/indie late night driving playlist
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