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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Body and soul by Mai Tai is fabulous in a 'ALDI Pointer sisters' way.
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  2. I find it the complete opposite - for me it's one of Elton's best 80's singles after "Blue Eyes" and George Michael is on backing vocals, Nik Kershaw is on guitar!
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  3. I don't mind a lidl bit of Mai Tai.
  4. I have also put this in the re-issue thread.
    Well the next in the series of Now 100 Hits is another 80s one, but not if you are looking for something other than 80s No1's. No sign of say The Crowd (that may be due to licensing) but some of the usual suspects are on there, Karma Chameleon, Come On Eileen, Red Red Wine as we would expect.
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  5. Who buys these things, there have to be infintessimal versions of this compilation over the years - it would be interesting to know how many are 7'' versions!!
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  6. Each one is usually billed as the Ultimate 80s compilation but most of them are the same, or mostly similar songs

    Surely even the casual buyer, let alone the die hards must think that there's too many of these comps about
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  7. I wonder how much it costs Sony to produce and manufacture these endless samey sets. Funds that could be better used on licensing the early NOWs.
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