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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Also: I played Now 46 and 88 in full today (because they were released yesterday x years ago) and.. 46 is excellent but 88 never seems to end (or get going)
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  3. Sam Smith and Ed following the great opener that is Ghost really does detail disc 1 haha. I listened to this Now A LOT in summer 2014, but I’d always skip those two tracks.
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    Yeah the contrast with 46 was huge.. what happened to opening with bops?
    There's also a few too many samey dance tracks on there (doesn't help that everyone from Rita Ora to Coldplay made dancey songs at that time)
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  5. Disc 1 of Now 46 is pretty much flawless, hitting the ground running with Oops I Did It Again and just keeps going, another Now I rinsed in Summer 2000.
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  6. So the verdict is.... the best one yet.

    Now 9 errors (2 out of 30)
    Taffy – I Love My Radio (The version here is 4:07 and matches the one used on Now More Forgotten ’80s. It is listed as Radio Version on Spotify and looks like it dates from 1985. It’s worth noting that the original Now 9 LP did not contain the spring 1987 hit version – you know the one that goes “my DeeJay’s radio” – but instead gave us I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US Remix) which was also released in 1985 and runs for 3:22)
    Gary Moore – Over The Hills And Far Away (The original Now 9 LP contained the 7″ mix which was timed at 4:38. Here we get an slightly shorter version – 4:24 in length – that also featured on the CD single of Wild Frontier & subsequent Various compilations)

    If you wish to partially re-create the original Now 9 experience, you can get I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio) (US Remix) on the West German CD Super Power Hit Sensation.
  7. Excellent knowledge as ever, can I ask if you had assessed the Now 1983 Yearbook please?
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    Yeah it just keeps delivering. It helps that it was probably one of my favourite times in pop, 45 was pretty strong as well:

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  9. Thanks Blaahh. Not in any detail I’m afraid but most of it seems to be correct.
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  10. I'm guessing from @nlgbbbblth 's interview that Ashley stopped compiling them a while back, and I think it's now done by a team of people these days. Who obviously either don't want to follow the iconic formula (and think they can do better), or have been told to change it up.
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    Yeah although I guess what's popular (and what pop sounds like) has changed a lot too
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  13. The overall scores AKA how did the CD release match the original double LP?

    Now 1 – 87%
    Now 2 – 73%
    Now 3 – 50%
    Now 4 – 72%
    Now 5 – 63%
    Now 6 – 67%
    Now 7 – 70%
    Now 8 – 88%
    Now 9 – 93%
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  14. They finally got the hang of it by the 8th attempt!
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    Do we know why the yearly releases come out at different moments each year (like the first one comes in march one year, in may another)?
    Are they waiting till they have enough songs, till they're allowed to use that one HUGE hit, till it's a week with little other releases?
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    Wait, I read this again (yeah still got the intentions to make my own 'NOWs' though I'm not sure how I feel about the first of a year having stuff from the previous year on it) and if it's from the week after the last one CHARTED (not got released) till the week after the next one got released.. isn't one week missing overall?
  17. Ashley Abram was still around for the Now 1 CD release - hence why that was pretty decent.

    Obviously they must have taken feedback on board for Now 8 and Now 9 as there were plenty pitfalls and album versions that would have been included if the sloppy approach was still being taken. This vindicates what I said all along - nobody expected 100% accuracy with these CD releases but the majority of the previous errors could have avoided with a little more attention to detail.
  18. I don't think the schedule or timelines were set in stone, more of a fairly similar pattern each year.

    The spring release was always late March / April
    The summer one between mid July and early August
    The winter one was always late November

    In terms of what was included - occasionally you would have tracks appearing on Now X that were old enough to appear on Now X-1 or in some cases (usually winter releases), Now X-2.

    Obviously the spring edition was skipped in 1985 and 1986 while there were no summer volumes in 1987, 1990 or 1991.

    Very new singles were sometimes included that hadn't been released yet or were just about to come out. Some were hot tips, others didn't do so well.
  19. I tried to make it so the next Now would basically carry on where the previous Now left off, this did become harder with the 2000s Nows though as there were some songs included which still had another 3 weeks until they were actually released bizarrely, but I managed.
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