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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I don't even get that from an artist's point of view??
    Not sure how strict I'll be about song's release dates anyway because especially from like 2003 onwards I followed both UK and dutch charts and.. there's quite a differences in when something was a hit here and there (in some cases I heard it first when it became big here, in some cases whenever I stumbled upon it online and in a lot of cases it's impossible to be sure years later)

    Also still thinking about those songs that get released in one month but only reach the top 40 two weeks later and the top a month later. But I think that's something that's really usual here and not so much in the UK charts?
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  2. Easter isn't always at the same time every year, so the Holiday period for that also changes which affects the NOW release date I presume. They like to put them out to tie in with school holidays.

    Otherwise there's probably one eye on the strength of the competition, as to when the best week to launch might be.

    Looking at the dates for the early NOWs, it was almost the same each year, give or take a week.
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  3. I am pleasantly surprised by NOW 9. As you say, many of these could have been album mixes or edits otherwise available but not the actual ones on the original release, yet they have gone the extra mile this time (on the whole). I was quick to slag them off when they got it badly wrong, so only fair to give them credit for doing a decent job.
  4. My NOW 9 arrived today, looking forward to importing it. Glad to hear they have done a good job on this one!
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  5. Glad they’ve got it pretty much right for the past 2 releases, shame it took so long in the first place, I’m intrigued to see what happens when Now 110 comes out, is that it? The original task basically done.
    I’d love to have been there to witness the conversation when someone in charge at the Now HQ got wind about the botched job of several of the early Now reissues.
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  6. Now Decades Of Soul (four CD set) out on August 13th....

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  7. There are some edits that even I don't seem to have already. So it's been well worth having for me.
  8. They probably won't announce anything until early November. Given the improved quality control on the last two, there's a fair chance that they could do a good job with Now 10 & beyond. IMHO I don't think they're necessary and would urge anybody who wants them to just buy second hand copies - acknowledging that this may not suit all. I've drawn a line under this project on my Now CD errors page.

    I'd love if they offered replacement discs for Now 2 and Now 4 and corrected as many of the avoidable errors as possible. Now 3, Now 5, Now 6 & Now 7 will always be compromised because of the track omissions but there's plenty they could put right on those as well.
  9. My NOW 9 CD arrived earlier today as well. It really is a pleasant surprise to hear it near perfect to how I remember my NOW 9 cassette! I DO hope they continue with NOW 10 though!
  10. I hope they carry on too. I bought a lot of the NOWs between 10 and 20 at the time but on cassette and would rather have them brand new on CD than second hand so I would definitely continue collecting them. I would probably buy them right through the 90s!
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  11. Maybe they'll do 10 to gauge the interest, and then take it on an issue by issue basis after that. Though the sales of the first 9 haven't been particularly impressive really anyway.
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  12. Selfishly speaking, NOW 10 would be a must for me. Used copies are still prohibitively expensive.
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  13. I too would really love Now 10, if they are ending it at 9 feels like such a weird number to end on, 10 would feel more complete as a project, but I'm also open them carrying on for a few more. I'm loving Now 9 at the minute, and the fact we have them all now, but I'm also a little sad this could be the end of this long demanded campaign!
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  14. 10-18 are really good editions as well.
  15. 18 years back-collecting and now... SCHMING!
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  16. I'm sure I noticed at least the early reissues reached the top 5 of the weekly compilations chart and hung around for a few weeks. Not impressive as such, but it seems they've sold okay generally.
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  17. Obviously I've no idea how many they need to sell for them to consider it worthwhile, but they probably don't do more than 10k in total considering how quickly they disappear from the charts, whereas some other comps can trickle sell for months or years. I guess they are more niche than the sort of "100 Hits" boxsets that you see in supermarkets.
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    I just played Now 61 in full and: wow. I know 2005 had some excellent pop albums (especially in Q4) but possibly not the greatest collection of hits but this was a drag. Disc 1 being 99% guitardriven was not it but even disc 2 was testing me with Crazy Frog, Akon and the covers at the end
  19. This is when my interest in the chart and NOWs dwindled.
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    I was relieved to get to Rob Thomas. Come on, what even is this?
    I couldn't even make a strong 1-disc out of this.

    The interesting thing is, looking at it isn't as bad as listening to it. The opposite also happens sometimes, that it doesn't look like a particularly hit heavy tracklist but the sequencing is so nice it just flows really well.
    Also: even the acts I really like have second or third tier singles on here. All in all it just feels extremely out of balance?

    But then some of these are struggles I also experience with trying to compile my own Nows because some years just are a lot stronger than others as well as some parts of the year (the 'winter one' tends to get waaaay too ballad heavy). Also I quite like including some 'decent filler', like songs that were big, enjoyable, but not necessarily personal favourites*, but there's periods where there's like 100 potential 'fillers' versus 10 songs I really like. Then there's other periods where I feel I have to cut songs I absolutely love because there was just so much good stuff at the time??

    * I oddly don't mind or even enjoy some fillerish songs when playing a Now because it makes my favourites sound even better? Like some sort of reward? Not that I'd include crap on purpose but for example Let You Love Me is very 2005, inoffensive but doesn't exactly thrill me either and after it it felt even better to get to Gwen?
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