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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Yes! My favourite Now is next.
  2. I'm gobsmacked they got The Timelords, I can't remember the last time The KLF authorised a comp usage. And that Glenn Medeiros track is a rotter to license also.
  3. Having just checked Discogs, it does appear Gary is credited on the original release as a co-writer (because of the Rock & Roll sample), so yeah, but of a disappointment on that one. Ironically they chose not to license Dance Me Up for one of their compilation reissues earlier but they decided to license this one anyway…? Make it make sense.
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  4. Am I right in thinking that there's a spelling mistake in the track listing? Disc 2 track 15, Jellybean & Adele "Bertie" - shouldn't it be Adele Bertei?
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  5. Whoops!

    Or maybe it's a new version with Adele and Kate Bush's son as guests.
  6. I think he sold his publishing some time ago so won't financially benefit from it. He wouldn't have benefitted from Dance me up either but actually having him on the CD would have been ick.
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  7. I'm pretty sure that GG credit got added later, after he protested or sued - and led to that Xmas 88 Top of the Pops appearance.

    Wonder why they've altered the layout of the back track listing - artist should come under the song, and they've fitted it in previously.
  8. It just looks wrong doesn't it.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Anyone here happens to know which version of James' Sit Down is used on Now That's What I Call Now?
    Chronologically it seems to go by the 1991 (re)release but I can't find any 3:25 length edit from that period?
  10. Returning to this nightmare to ask if anybody actually knows which version of "I Should Have Known Better" is the original one? I thought I'd be able to figure it out from watching the video on YouTube but it sounds different to the version he's lip-syncing to on TOTP Christmas 1984. Can we get it settled once and for all please, I'm getting upset.
  11. Always thought it was the "ooh yeah" grunt at 3:08 or so that was more pronounced on the original 7"
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  12. How far are they going to go with these Re-Releases of old NOWs? 'cos if we reach the 40s again I'll be sounding like you lot about the wrong track mixes being used. I can only imagine how bad NOW 44 would sound like in 2022.

    Wrong mixes of Shania, Shaft, Alice DeeJay, ATB, and Wamdue Project. Plus the amount of artists that wouldn't feature because they no longer are license-able and are just bad people - you could turn it into a 1 disc album.
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  13. Give it another 20 years!
    Please wait your turn to be a grumpy old person like me!
  14. According to Discogs the song is 4:05 on NOW 100 NOWs same as the 1991 single.
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  15. If anyone is in the market for a Now Pride playlist featuring the extended mixes/remixes of (almost all) the UK release track list, I assembled one on Deezer. It’s mainly faithful to the original set list - but I did opt to add in Will Young’s Jealousy and Sinitta’s I Don’t Believe In Miracles and switch out God Control for I Rise, for reasons I won’t go into - using whatever alternate mixes I could find and listen to. Hence the random Celine live number.

    Other - and probably better - similar playlists exist. None others carry my sophisticated artwork. It’s also on ‘the Spotify’, although Tune My Music took some liberties with the mixes and I’ve not fixed them.
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  16. Now Pride the UK version, is that the first time Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin has been on a compilation in it's single mix of 4 minutes 30?
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  17. They really said “NOW you have to buy this to get the full Pride experience”, and it worked, for me at least, the problem is I don’t have a CD drive to hand to rip to my iTunes.
  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Does anyone know which version of N-Trance's Set You Free is on Now 50?
    It seems like the original (or I once downloaded a faulty rip) which is odd since it got released as a remix in 2001, but then it's shorter than the original radio edit?

    There's a lot of versions on Discogs from 2001 that have a 4:09 mix called 'edit' but.. edit of what?
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  19. 80s


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  20. The 2001 reissue had a CD1 and CD2....CD1 had a 3.36 edit/remix as the lead track, CD2 had the original (according to Discogs) at 4.11. That run time pretty much matches the one on NOW50 give or take a couple of seconds, so I guess they went with the original?
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