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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Wow, that is a bargain.
  2. Why shouldn't they? £15 is about right for most of the fat boxes. I bet they'll sell it.
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  3. I bought Now 1983-1992 in CEX in Reading a few years ago. Think they were £2.99/2 for £5. I gasped audibly when I saw them.
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  4. They're free to charge whatever they like, and they may well manage to sell it for that. Good luck to them. But without being able to look at the item (as it was at the top of a window display), it wasn't possible to see the condition. Mint or close to mint for £15 might have been okay.
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  5. Mvnl

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  6. I only know about 5 songs on there. I am so out of touch with today's chart music.
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  7. That's the only one I know and if "Mamma Mia" (The film was fun!) wasn't mentioned in the title - I wouldn't have remembered it!
    Track 29 - I didn't know my nephew had made a single!? I guess I should be the faithful Uncle and check it out!
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  8. I don't know a single one of those tracks.
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  9. I saw the new NOW album in Sainsbury’s for £13 and couldn’t resist, that’s quite good for 5 discs, considering it’s £15 on Amazon.
    It’s in a clamshell box, is this going to annoy collectors since it won’t sit well next to the rest of the collection?
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  10. Yes! Cue meltdown.
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  11. I posted about that a few days ago in the reissue thread, but the discussion really belongs here, so... apparently (wait for it)… Now 2 will only be a 1CD? Nothing confirmed, just saw some comments saying it would be on the official pages.
  12. FUCK NO!

    That's worse than just ignoring it and peddling more Disney Karaoke BBQ editions.
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  13. Should I cancel my pre-order then…..?
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  14. 30 songs on one disc isn't possible. It'll be a 2-Disc thing for sure.

    There ins't a BBQ or Karaoke NOW album by the way.
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  15. There's a Now That's What I Call Housework.

    Good grief.
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  16. I think the suggestion has come perhaps from the official accounts now confirming it's release on "Vinyl & CD", and not "2CD". Ergo, some people are complaining it's only one CD? Of course, 30 tracks wouldn't fit on one, but 23-24 would, so a truncated version isn't entirely out of the question, but hopefully, very unlikely!
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  17. I would be surprised given the selling point is (as they see it, even if we don't) all the original tracks as compiled back then.

    It's when they get to NOW 4, 5, 6 etc that things get interesting re following the vinyl vs CD original tracklistings.
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  18. Righ. The first one is a DVD. The second is a Video Game. The 3rd isn’t filled with Karaoke tracks, it’s the normal songs (although I see you point about how naf some of these compilations are)
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