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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. This was my first ever Now album!
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  2. I wonder why this was??
  3. Maybe her label wanted her stuff held back so people would buy her albums. I dunno.

    But she could have easily been on 12 (Got To Be Certain), 13 (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi), 14 (Especially For You), 15 (Hand On Your Heart or Wouldn’t Change A Thing), 16 (Never Too Late), 17 (Tears On My Pillow - somewhat jarring against the ravey tracks but Better The Devil You Know cane out a week after Now 17, pah!), 20 (If You Were With Me Now), 23 (What Kind Of Fool - some of the shit/flops that made 23 over this masterpiece is insulting).

    And in checking release dates on wiki I discovered that in some regions Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi was in brackets and the title was actually I Still Love You. Zut alors!
  4. I know. It's a figure of speech to make a point about all the naff spin-offs.
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  5. Maybe so PWL could class them as exclusives on their own compilations perhaps?
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  6. Also the amazon (pre-order) listing has "1CD" for the item description field. But it also has "numbered now" mentioned as well, so it's far from official looking.
  7. Yes the point @Eric Generic is making is the general trashing of this much loved brand in recent years with stuff like this, rather than name checking any specific volumes.
  8. yup
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  9. That Hit Factory 2 album got a lot of spins on the @phoenix123 turntable!

    Don't forget this either!

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  10. Amazon also says Now 101 is 1 disc so probably means nowt
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  11. They say '1 disc' even on many double vinyl albums.
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  12. This is deeply disturbing for me as I've always wanted the original Now 2 to 10 to be released in Double CD format containing the exact same versions that were on the original Double Cassette and Vinyl.
    Please can everyone keep this thread updated with any info. they have!
    Thank you!
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  13. Now 10 is already on double CD
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  14. Oops - my apologies. I haven't been keeping up!

    I gave away my NOW collection of twin cassettes back in the late 90's (I had Now 1 to 22) and I keep meaning to buy them back (1 to 22) on Double CD but have never got my arse in gear to do it! Therefore I should be able to pick up Now 10 to 22 second hand as they exist? So it's 2 to 9 I need to wait for an official Double CD release?

    Edit - I have Now 1 twice on double CD:
    The first time I purchased it was in 2008 when they did the 25th Anniversary
    Then again last year to commemorate the release of Now 100

    I found the 2008 edition around my sister's house last week - along with Queen's Absolute Greatest CD (20 killer hits!) and a dodgy U2 pirate CD I purchased in a flea market when I lived/worked in Mexico back in 2001 (it was a compilation of their greatest hits - from "Gloria" to "Pop Music")
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  15. Including a few tracks from NOW2 on NOW 102?

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  16. Weird, cannot see any rationale or precedent!
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    They didn't do the same on 101, right?
  18. I don't know what's more shocking - Now 102 including random old tracks from Now 2 or the fact that the main part of the album includes tracks by Westlife, Michael Buble, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart!
  19. How utterly bizarre??
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