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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. More importantly - someone put Paul English in charge of compiling the Now 1 to Now 10 CD re-issue project - let's get the job done properly!
  2. I can report that the version of 'The Second Time' by Kim Wilde is the album version and not the 7".
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  3. They've already started fumbling it up.
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  4. Uh Oh.
  5. They'll fumble 4 Ya.
  6. The first "Warning Sign" was already there!
  7. I eagerly await the verdict - Warning Sign IS the horrible edit that's on every Nick Heyward compilation.
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  8. Just home - €50 lighter after forking for Now 4, Now 104 and Now 100 Hits Christmas. The price of not doing business with Amazon - if I had, I wouldn't have the discs until late next week.

    Down to the project now with a break for dinner halfway through.

    Update later......
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  9. We pensively wait with huge interest, thank you sir!
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  10. Yes but will they mess up for the Second Time...
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  11. A very hard call with Shout To The Top. It matches the version on The Singular Adventures which is just slightly longer than the original 7" edit that appeared on the Now 4 LP. We're talking seconds. There was a similar instance with You're The Best Thing on the Now 3 CD.
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  12. I have so many different mixes and versions of Best Thing that I honestly lost track of which is meant to be the actual 7" mix, so I'll forgive NOW for that one.
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  13. [​IMG]

    The 2CD version of Now 4 was released today. I have done a comparison with it and my original LP & CD. Here are the differences - some more obvious than others. If you notice anything else, please feel free to add.

    Nick Heyward - Warning Sign (Now 4 LP has the 7" mix which contains two raps - at 2:07 and 2:55. This slightly shorter version doesn't)
    Culture Club - The War Song (Album version used instead of 7" mix which was on Now 4 LP & original CD)
    Style Council - Shout To The Top (Matches the mix used on The Singular Adventures Of which runs very slightly longer than the one used on Now 4 LP & original CD)
    Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor (Album version used. On the Now 4 LP & original CD it ran about 10 seconds shorter - possibly video version)
    The Kane Gang - Respect Yourself (Album version used instead of 7" mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious - 1 min 45 secs longer)
    Big Country - East Of Eden (7" mix included here. The version on the original Now 4 remains unique - at 3:35 an extra chorus is sung instead of the instrumental break)
    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Tesla Girls (Compilation version used - as on 1988's Best Of OMD. About 8 seconds longer than 7" edit on Now 4 LP)
    Kim Wilde - The Second Time (Album version used instead of 7" mix which was on Now 4 LP. Quite a different beginning)
    Eugene Wilde - Gotta Get You Home Tonight (Album version used instead of 7" mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious - 1 min 45 secs longer)

    It's good to see that the original CD should remain sought after given that it contains correct versions of three of the above tracks.
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  14. I'm sure that's why they included the wrong versions....ha.
  15. Verdict: Much improved on Now 3. Pity about The Kane Gang, Kim Wilde and Eugene Wilde as they really stick out. Nick Heyward annoying but expected. Big Country was never going to be right (a bit like PSB on Now 7). The other four I don't mind - not that noticeable.
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  16. I'd concur with that. Nick Heyward and Big Country were unlikely to be the exact unique versions from the LP. Respect Yourself 7" is quite rare on CD, but Kim and Eugene not so much. Those would be the biggest disappointments for me (though I have them elsewhere). A few seconds here and there on otherwise correct/close to correct mixes don't bother me greatly either.

    And of course, no missing tracks! I can buy this at the weekend.
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  17. Each of the early Nows has one track that has never been released on CD anywhere. They are:
    Now 1: Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch
    Now 2: The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make
    Now 3: David Sylvian - Red Guitar
    Now 4: Nick Heyward - Warning Sign
    So for each reissue, Sony had a potential marketing coup along the lines of “FIRST TIME ON CD FOR THE SINGLE MIX OF ____”
    Sadly these opportunities have not been taken. However I think that they will surely get it right for Now 5 and The Commentators.
  18. I am fearing a vinyl rip, unless it exists in CD quality?
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  19. I honestly don't know they'll approach it. At least with the other four tracks, longer album versions were readily available.
    Nineteen..... is on another 1985 compilation - Disco Beach Party - that Stylus Music put out. They hadn't started CDs either at that time.
    Other than that, it seems completely absent. Released on the Oval label. Discogs lumps it in with other releases on an identically-named label but I am not sure if they're related. Given the cricket theme, Oval could have been just a throwaway name for a one-off release.
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  20. I have the original 7" single, bought at the time, but I never tried to make a needle-drop.
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