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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Oh, weirdly it was a-ha that had gone AWOL. Can happen if I re-rip stuff and then forget to replace it in every playlist it appears.
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  2. A-ha would be a bad one to get wrong
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  3. The case for the defence (Now 5)
    The two people who liked that post should be shot.

  4. Ha, no it had just disappeared because I replaced my early 192kps rip with nice new 320kps ones in iTunes not long ago.

    I just CANNOT with anyone who defends these shit CD approximations of the early NOWs. It's been clear since NOW 2 and especially NOW 3 which way the wind is blowing, and what the modus operandi is.
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  5. It is surely the work of an hour or two to check that the versions are the right ones.

    If forum members can do it on the day of release, you’d think the compilers - for whom this is paid work - could manage it.
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  6. And that's the rub, it's clear that sourcing the correct versions is not part of the deal. Even if there is dialogue at the end of the track from its album version, or bits missing at the start/end due to the album version being part of a segue....or album versions that descend into a dub version of the track....this is basic stuff....but they're not interested. They've made that plain.

    These reissues have become a bad joke, and a waste of time...even the artwork's worthless because they've removed acts!
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  7. That post infuriated me and I stopped myself replying (with CAPS LOCK) YES IT DOES MATTER. I can’t go starting arguments on there. There are some really dense people in that Facebook NOW collector’s group, that is all some of them are just collectors. They don’t know what is on the albums, they don’t listen to them, they just want them all.
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  8. Now That's What I Call Dense.
  9. I get why you all feel like you do, but personally it doesn't bother me. I have a lot of the songs anyway and I like the nostalgia of playing those albums and having those periods packaged together. I have no memory of what versions were on the original albums. I like getting some of the more obscure songs that I never had as well. If it were say an artist I love bringing out a Best of and they didn't have the correct versions I would be up in arms but they don't bother me in any way. Yeah it's a shame some of them have missing songs but that's the nature of rights and leaving out songs by unpleasant people.
  10. I think most people understand that sometimes rights are hard to get hold of, and there's not much that can be done about it - certainly in a way that would make the reissues make sense financially.

    But listen to the version of Every Time You Go Away on the reissued Now - it sounds completely different to the one you'd hear on the radio, or even get on his greatest hits. Which is presumably why they remixed it for the original single release.
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  11. I don't think we can expect 100% accuracy or reproductions of them, for some of the reasons you mention, but stuff like Kayleigh,Every Time You Go Away....even The Word Girl...these are signifcantly different album versions that make the thing a nonsense. Some versions have passed into common use (Simply Red, Sister Sledge) so I can cut some slack on those, but you can't have a segued album version of Kayleigh on NOW 5.
  12. Exactly.
  13. For me in the end it all comes down to one word "Laziness" - if I had the job of researching/compiling those early NOWs, then I would make every effort to ensure the correct version is on there. If I couldn't, then I'd make a point on the sleeve notes of explaining why we used the version we did - and why we couldn't use the version used on the original LP/MC. But that's just my OCD.....
  14. Remember when labels actually used to do that?!
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  15. It comes to something when I take more care to make sure I've got the right versions on a Spotify playlist than they do with the reissues!
  16. A perfect example is as follows;

    Last night I was playing the Now 90s CD released a few years back, and the album version of Shania Twain’s - That Don’t Impress Me Much came on.
    The song was completely overhauled for the European market back in 1999, and the version everyone knew from the video, the radio, the CD single, Now 44, has been disrespectfully replaces by the original country album version most of the GP wouldn’t have even known about.
    Where is the care and detail?
  17. Exactly!
    My Spotify Playlist for NOW 3 is better than the recently released CD:
    - it has all 30 tracks
    - it has as many of those 30 tracks as possible to the original on the LP/MC
    - I had to search around for the correct Version of a number of tracks: "Two Tribes" for example.

    Job done properly!
    I am dreading NOW 7 on CD......Grrrr!
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  18. Of course they're bound to stuff it up, but there really shouldn't be any major iTunes recreation has nearly everything the same (the intro to Sledgehammer probably accounts for the extra 10-15 seconds). PSB is the obvious one that nobody has.
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  19. I noticed that on the cassette version of NOW 7 Sledgehammer is about 10 seconds shorter than the vinyl version removing the barely audible intro.
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  20. Ah, that's where I was getting my timings for NOW 7 from, the LP didn't have any info. That confirms it.
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