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Now That's What I Call Music nostalgia thread

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. It's a strange mix - a handful of knowledgeable people and a few others who are enthusiastic and get where we're coming from. Plus this mass of magpies who like collecting shiny objects but aren't particularly bright themselves. A serious number don't seem to know how to use Google, link to Discogs etc and will post inane updates or questions that could easily be answered elsewhere.
  2. I'm also on the lookout (or need to dig into my collection) for an edit of Holding Back The Years.
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  3. I started using Spotify for the first time earlier this month. It's better than I thought. I have already done
    - Paul's More Forgotten '80s
    - Paul's Forgotten '90s
    - Paul's Even More Forgotten '80s
    and am working on Paul's More Forgotten '90s
    All in 5 parts, 100 tracks.
    Unleashing one playlist per week i.e. changing them from secret to public.
    The playlist artwork is something from my past (a photo) with different colour tints.

    Most of the tracks I want are there - in their single mixes. I have used the odd album version but most of the time, I just move on and pick another track if I can't find the one I need. I have taken the time to sequence them properly and find it enjoyable. It's dead easy to swap tracks in and out - unlike Mixcloud - and there's a bigger reach. I signed up for the premium version as I don't like the adverts and don't like the way it shuffles on the app. Just hope that the people listening to my playlists are playing them in order :)

    I won't stop using Mixcloud totally as for an obscure mix, I need to use my own tunes but this is a decent alternative.
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  4. I found it on this compilation that now seems hard to find and wasn’t that pricey when I bought it in HMV
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  5. Thanks! I'll know where to turn if it isn't lurking somewhere in my collection of compilations.
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  6. Paul's Absolutely Very Best Non-Stop Greatest Hit Mix Anthology Of The 80s.
  7. I'm doing one called Now nows. Trying to do all the 80s nows but including @Eric Generic 's .5 nows too.
  8. I have two playlists that I'm working on Spotify. It will take a decade to complete them:
    My Retrochart Number ones of the 80s
    Every single that made the top ten in my Retrochart during the 80s

    Both are in chronological order. I've just completed May 1984!

    @phoenix123 and @Eric Generic Will know what I'm referring to....
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  9. I found an edit of Holding Back The Years...on NOW 1986 (the 10th Anniversary edition)....should have looked there first!
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  10. Looking for an edit on a Now compilation, last place I would have looked hehe
  11. I thought you were being a smart arse, hehe, then I realised the irony!

    I forget I have those, as I only got 1983-1987 last year...
  12. Irony, my middle name. I wouldnt be sarcastic here, I save that for work!
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  13. I think the NOW 1985 10th anniversary has the edit of Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
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  14. A guy left a comment re this on A Pop Fan's Dream
    "This volume has a version of Money’s Too Tight that I haven’t heard elsewhere. It’s a slight difference in the middle bit when we get the “we’re talking about money, money” section. There is another “money” just after the second one which you can clearly hear but on just about every version I have on other compilations (including The Millennium Series) that extra “money” occurs at the same time as Hucknall’s second “money”. It’s a very minor point but for some reason it’s always been strange to me. "
  15. I'll be going back to those and seeing if I've overlooked some edits when creating iTunes playlists, I think!
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  16. All this talk inspired me to dig out Picture Book again for the first time in ages. My first Simply Red purchase, and arguably still their finest 44 minutes.
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  17. My NOW 7 iTunes playlist looks better with some of the edits replacing what I originally had. Sledgehammer, Lady In Red, Holding Back The Years, Venus.

    Just the 5.31 mix of Amityville that sticks out.
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  18. Single version is on Monster Halloween Hits
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  20. I just compared the version of 'Money's Too Tight (To Mention)' on the original NOW 5 and the NOW 1985 10th Anniversary and can confirm they are exactly the same. Just like the single version in the video.

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