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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Every release has to be recleared from scratch so there's no way of getting entirely away from the "debacles". It's a miracle the last two came out with everything re-approved for inclusion, to be honest.
  2. I don't think that's the case with Whitesnake at all, there's dozens of Warner Music compilations since 2019 available digitally featuring "Here I Go Again" alone. As unbelievable and infuriating as it might seem, I think either or both the artist('s management) did one of two things here: they either just said no to this particular project or they simply missed responding by the clearance deadline.
  3. People would complain about that too.
  4. Wouldn’t have thought Lord David Coverdale was that precious over licensing. His Rockonteurs podcast with Messrs Kemp and Pratt is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.
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  5. Do Heart or Whitesnake have a new greatest hits or re-issues campaigns going on at the moment/in the near future? That's sometimes a reason that stuff gets a licensing freeze put on it for a few months.
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  6. Any revisionism is problematic.
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  7. Ha, probably something as mundane as that.
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  8. Nine times out of ten it IS something mundane. Occasionally you get the odd "Artist A has beef with Artist B and your proposed tracklist has Artist B on it as well so it's a yes on the condition that you don't include Artist B", or it might be an alcohol branded or "Beer Drinking Songs" type release and the artist doesn't want their stuff associated with alcohol (or, in one specific case I remember, because they were actually alcoholic themselves, a detail that was not public or - I thought - necessary to divulge to me). VERY seldom are the reasons for denial anything juicy or interesting.
  9. Personally speaking, I wouldn't want songs added as that almost makes it into just another generic compilation - they'd probably end up adding really obvious songs too. But then I don't like songs being removed or "wrong" versions used either. I guess this is why I won't pay full price and always wait for them to get reduced. As a collector I want these reissues, but I know they're also flawed.
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  10. The Heart track Barracuda is included on the forthcoming Now That's What I Call Rock compilation.
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  11. The NOW! people thought of us as they tried to negotiate for the Heart track's clearance, saying "how do we get you Alone?".
  12. and with the Whitesnake - "Here we go again, getting it all wrong again...."
  13. There was a TV ad for a loan company a few years ago that featured Alone and it's ruined it for me ever since.
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  14. "How do I get a looooan" ...I can hear it now!
  15. I mean it's stupid, it doesn't even make sense.

  16. That track is controlled by Sony and I don't think they have to get artist approval for such uses. "Alone" is controlled by Capitol/UMG and they definitely do need artist/management consent.
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  17. So odd (but not unwelcome) to see Steps, Kylie, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart and The Wanted on a modern day NOW.
  18. "When is your party happening?"
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