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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. When did everything become Artist x Artist? What’s wrong with & or featuring or even vs.
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  2. I think featuring has gone out of vogue because it usually means the song won't.. erm, feature on your Spotify (or whatever) page as your song. But yeah I don't know what was wrong with "&".
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  3. Spotify/Streaming seems to be behind most of the credit changes....the Eurythmics also adding Annie and Dave's names was for that reason.
  4. I played my “1 song from each Now” playlist at a party tonight and it went down such a treat and it’s such a great cohesive representation of pop music over the past 38 years, without spending too much time stuck in a particular time.
  5. My partner and I did a dinner party last weekend and my "80s Easy Listening Playlist" (every ballady type song of the 80's that made the UK Top 40) went down a treat! Reaction highlights were:
    My female Jamaican friend air drumming the big kick in on "In the air tonight"
    My bear priest friend (who always attends in uniform to humour me!) Singing and holding the long notes to "Vienna"
    "Blue eyes" and "Smooth Operator" was dedicated to my partner!
    Everyone agreeing that George Michael is sorely missed!
    A fun time was had by everyone!
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  6. Okay on my Now 110 redux I might have to swap out Steps - Take Me for a Ride for the superior Slightest Touch, which Radio 2 have on heavy rotation at the moment.
  7. Has anyone received their copy of Now 1984? Amazon is now saying next Tuesday, annoying!
  8. It never became available to order for me on Amazon UK. Lots of new releases are geo-blocked for Ireland although most become available closer to release date. Was checking constantly up to yesterday. Now it's just third party sellers so will probably have to get it elsewhere.
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  9. Has it sold out already? This is worrying!
  10. I doubt very much if it's sold out at this point. Amazon availability to Irish customers has been iffy since 1 January. One reason - Brexit.
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  11. ..but's it's the (Amazon) gift that keeps on giving....!
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  12. @nlgbbbblth same for me in Italy... kept checking then ordered from another seller. The Italian price is quite crazy. I can't see all the Now new releases (110 and 10) on Amazon UK
  13. Mine arrived today by Royal Mail Tracked 48 oddly.
  14. I'm loving the '84 Yearbook. As I said with the previous one, I'm all for 'premium Now' products such as these. They should be standard of course, but quality control on the recent reissues put paid to that.

    Aesthetically, they're just lovely, the vinyl and deluxe CD versions - from the design and layout, to the paper used, to genuinely interesting and enlightening notes for each track, it's been done with care and that shows.

    If there was one thing I'd change, it's the 'quiz' section - I get it being a call-back to the glorious era of Smash Hits et al, but there's better use of the space on a set like this - a list of the top 40 singles and albums of the year, or of other big hits of the year for anyone wishing to delve beyond this set, or quotes from the big pop stars of the time etc.

    As has been acknowledged Time After Time, it's a shame to not have the likes of Madonna, Prince, Bowie, Lauper et al, but it is what it is, and we're in a time where we're lucky enough to curate our own additional disc(s) where needed.

    Excited for what treasures Yearbook '85 has to offer next!
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  15. I ended up going to HMV to pick up Now ‘84 vinyl as Amazon hadn’t dispatched it even though I ordered on the announcement.
    The traffic was awful because it’s a horrible wet and windy day, I made it with 5 minutes to spare before it closed.
    I got home and the moment I went to cancel my Amazon order I got the dispatch email, typical! Although it still says it won’t arrive until Tuesday, I’ve requested the delivery be cancelled, but still annoying being charged for it after all that.
    Overall I think I love this collection more than 83, and I’m excited to see what 85 will bring, I’m sure there’ll be no Madonna, but since we have had Into The Groove on a Now compilation I’m hopeful for that, but I won’t hold my breath.
    I’m guessing the next one will be late Feb / March? If that’s the case we could potentially get 3 a year, since the first one arrived in the summer and 84 coming just 4-5 months later.

    Edit: I am disappointed the vinyl doesn’t have the Hi-NRG section from disc 3, that really is a moment.
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  16. Now Yearbook Extra 1983 due next month. No tracklist yet.


  17. [​IMG]
    And here is said tracklisting
  18. I'd be pretty annoyed if I'd bought the first one. Wouldn't it have been better to make the original release more comprehensive/interesting in the first place?
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  19. This is a very nice surprise! I'm definitely here for another 3 discs worth of 1983, there's a lot I don't recognise, so I'll look forward to discovering this. Nice to see Soft Cells Soul Inside included on a compilation.
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