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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Nice to see The Kids From Fame on there!

    Wonder if they will do a limited edition book style format to match the original 1983 Yearbook? At the moment on Amazon it's just standard packaging.
  2. Me: I couldn't love this Yearbook series anymore than I do

    Now team: Hold my pint...

    Loving this companion piece idea and hope it applies to all of the Yearbooks? I take it as a sign this series is going down well then? There's many different ways they could have done an '83 Yearbook II and it may have been better to have consistency of format (vinyl, deluxe and standard cd) but it is what it is, and that tracklist looks way more interesting than the usual 80's compilations.

    Added to basket!
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  3. Yeah, I can understand that for some people the concept of a Yearbook was to encapsulate the whole 12 months in one volume, and then move on. To then bring out another volume, of (mostly) smaller hits, might seem a bit of a cheek. However, for me anyway, 1983 had such a vast wealth of great Top 40 music that this 2nd volume actually brings up some brilliant stuff. It's almost impossible to have everything condensed to just 3 discs. The sequencing is also very good again.
  4. I think this is a good idea

    The main event is the 4CD Yearbook with the deluxe packaging and sleeve notes.

    This Extra 3CD set is to accompany it (a junior partner of sorts) and makes sense to keep it in standard packaging at an affordable price point.

  5. What chat?
  6. Did you work on this album? I hope these bonus albums reach the 90s. I'd love some forgotten 90s gem CDs. Especially if they can track down the EuroPop/Dance licences.
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  7. For forgotten 90s euro, you're best off buying the original comps from the day like Dance Zone.
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  8. It’s odd having an Extra 1983 when 1984 has only just come out. Can’t fault the track selection but a Yearbook is a one off by definition but I am being pedantic!! Ordered anyway..
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  9. It does feel like we’ve taken a step forward on to the next year and now taken a step back, but still, this is very welcome, really can’t complain about having an extra 60 tracks tagged onto the year.
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  10. No - had nothing to do with it. Michael Mulligan was involved with the notes on the Yearbooks. He also wrote the Story Of Now book.
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  11. It's a dig at one of the Now Collectors groups. They post that very message on every single post / announcement made by the official Now Facebook page.
  12. Just looking at the top 100 UK singles of 1983 to see if there's anything major that's been left off, they've done a great job and mopped up most of that top 100 list, one thing I noticed though, Wham! - Bad Boys is A LOT higher on the chart than Wham Rap, I think it was like Top 20, I wonder why they went with Wham Rap over the bigger hit? and come to think of it, I don't think I've seen Bad Boys on an 80s compilation.
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  13. Wham Rap appears to be the more popular song in the year 2021, if Spotify figures are anything to go by. Might have factored into the decision.
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  14. I thought that might be the case, some of these songs selections seem to take into account gained popularity over the years rather than just the chart position.
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  15. George has said on record that he hated "Bad Boys" - it's his worse Wham! single - that might explain why he hardly performed it live and why it's rarely on Compilations! It was the 24th Best Selling single of 1983 in the UK and peaked at Number 2 in the UK Chart for 2 weeks - stopped by The Police's "Every breath you take"! It was their biggest hit from the album "Fantastic" and was their first entry into the US Hot 100 - peaking somewhere between 60 to 100!
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  16. Bad Boys appears on Now 10th Anniversary 1983
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  17. What I am waiting to see, if Aztec Camera and Kissing The Pink are in their single mixes. I'm not sure if KTP has been and I'm sure Aztec Camera was only on the 3" CDS of Somewhere In My Heart.
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  18. The version of ‘Just be good to me’ SOS Band on Yearbook 1984 is another new edit for me. I have encountered a few edits of this track over the years. The version on the Tabu box set 7” disc is 5:41 and Niteflite 3 has a 3:57 edit - similar to the Yearbook edit but no vocal call at the start. Does anyone know the actual 7” and where to find it? Many thanks in anticipation.
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  19. I’ve answered this question myself I think. The Now Yearbook version is an early fade of the ‘Extended version’ I have on the Dance Classics Pop 9. Nite Flite 3 is the UK promo mix, I think, and the one to go to (length just right).
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  20. I've so many versions, I don't know what's what anymore. They're all genius.
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