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Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. I would have stopped at 9. That covered all the most sought-after ones that either didn't exist at all on CD or only in very different form back in the day.
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  2. I was kind of glad that Alone was missing from the 10 re-release. Don't feel so bad now for paying over the odds for the original last year.

    And as much as the omissions and errors were annoying, at least we got to fill in the gaps on our CD shelves. Quite satisfying.
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  3. They slightly redeemed themselves with 8 and 9, but the horror run of 5, 6 and 7 was a shame.
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  4. To say I'm disappointed at all would be an understatement
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  5. I don't think the Ministry of Sound Electronic 80s series from 10 years ago can be beaten, it includes a lot of the songs in this track list and dares to dig deeper, also it has several essential Bowie tracks.
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  6. I think they should redo Now 1-9 again...
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  7. Hear Hear! Their 80s Electronic Chill out triple CD from just after that time is excellent as well!
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  8. Oh yes I love that release, I discovered Icehouse because of that compilation.
  9. Check out their best single from 1982 called "Great Southern Land"!
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  10. Icehouse are just so underrated.
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  11. Apart from 1, 2, 8 and 9 - all the others are a complete mess
    3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 - nightmare!
    I just remember 5 - the first CD being a real car crash with the wrong mixes!
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  12. Segued album versions of the Marillion singles was just the pits.
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  13. Niether Kissing The Pink or Aztec Camera for the next 1983 add on are the single versions running 3 26 and 3 24 .
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  14. Does any NOW nerd have a spreadsheet of all the main NOWs? I’d love to have one but the prospect of creating one for 110 double albums is quite daunting.
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  15. Don't know if this could be interesting, but Amazon IT has Now 100 hits Forgotten 80s on preorder for €6,99, release date Dec 15. Don't know if it's a repress or something else.

    UK five CD set. NOW Music presents the brand new compilation of '80s hits that are too good to be forgotten! Featuring songs such as Aneka's 'Japanese Boy', Shalamar's 'A Night To Remember', Sinitta's 'Right Back Where We Started From' and many more. NOW 100 Hits Forgotten 80s is filled with forgotten gems to remind you just how much you loved the decade!
  16. Ooh, god yes that would be quite a task. I've started making complete playlists of them all, but only done the first 30 so far.

    My interest waned after 36....
  17. My guess is a repress as those three tracks are on the first edition of Forgotten 80's. It's a good series though and there's so much scope for a third Forgotten 80's collection.
  18. I agree. Would you buy this if it was available?

  19. Yes!
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  20. That's a great list. Here's what I'd keep then what I'd add...

    Laurie Anderson, The Assembly, Propaganda, Scarlet Fantastic, The Passions, Malcolm McLaren, Clannad, Go West, The Bangles, Paul Simon, Travelling Wilburys, George Harrison, Midnight Oil, Neil, Jermaine Jackson, Anita Baker, Al Jarreau, Gladys Knight, Kids from ‘Fame’, Cameo, Grandmaster Flash, Sly & Robbie, Beatmasters & Cookie Crew, D-Mob & Gary Haisman, Climie Fisher, Suzanne Vega, Cock Robin, Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville, Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Bow Wow Wow, It’s Immaterial, Billy Bragg, Echo & The Bunnymen, Kirsty MacColl.

    I'd also definitely keep Herb Alpert's Diamonds, but it must be the 7'' version, as should all of these...

    OMD – Forever (Live And Die)
    Stranglers – Always The Sun
    Su Pollard – Starting Together
    Kids from Grange Hill – Just Say No
    Paul Medford & Letitia Dean – Something Outta Nothing
    Pasadenas – Tribute (Right On)
    Big Pig – Breakaway
    Carol Hitchcock – Get Ready
    Taffy – Step By Step
    Elton John – Wrap Her Up
    Jennifer Rush - Destiny
    The Adventures – Broken Land
    Audrey Hall – Smile
    Pam Hall – Dear Boopsie
    Judy Boucher – Can’t Be With You Tonight
    Samantha Fox – I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)
    Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Wee Rule
    Julian Cope – Charlotte Ann
    Petula Clarke – Downtown ‘88
    The Christians – Ideal World
    Donna Allen – Joy And Pain
    Alyson Williams – Sleep Talk
    Feargal Sharkey – Listen To Your Father
    Amazulu – Don’t You Just Know It
    Boy George – Sold
    Pat Benatar – Don’t Walk Away
    Amii Grant – Lead Me On
    Voice Of The Beehive – I Walk The Earth
    Paul Hardcastle Ft. Carol Kenyon – Don’t Waste My Time
    Jellybean Ft. Adele Bertei – Just A Mirage
    Dee Lewis – Best Of My Love
    Sid Haywoode – Boogie Oogie Oogie
    Princess – Lover Don’t Go
    Pseudo Echo – Funky Town
    Vesta Williams – Once Bitten, Twice Shy
    Dead Or Alive – Something In My House
    Mental As Anything - Live It Up
    Robbie Nevil – Wot’s It To Ya
    Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
    Maria Vidal – Body Rock
    Wax – Bridge To Your Heart
    Yello – Of Course. I’m Lying
    Blow Monkeys – This Is Your Life (’89 Remix)
    ABC – The Night You Murdered Love
    Gail Ann Dorsey – Wasted Country
    Jaki Graham – Still In Love
    River City People – (What’s Wrong With) Dreaming
    Oran ‘Juice’ Jones – The Rain
    Huey Lewis & The News – Stuck With You
    Patti LaBelle – Oh, People
    Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom
    Steve Winwood – Valerie
    Furniture – Brilliant Mind
    DJ Sven & MC Miker G – Holiday Rap
    Modern Talking – Brother Louie
    Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky
    Jody Watley – Don’t You Want Me
    Double – Captain Of Her Heart
    Animotion - Obsession
    Was (Not Was) – Spy In The House Of Love
    Annie Lennox & Al Green – Put A Little Love In Your Heart
    Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife
    Deacon Blue – When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
    Randy Crawford – Almaz
    Elkie Brooks – No More The Fool
    Pat & Mick – Let’s All Chant
    Carly Simon – Coming Around Again
    Natalie Cole – Jump Start
    Mica Paris – Breathe Life Into Me
    Toni Childs – Don’t Walk Away
    Ruby Turner – I’d Rather Go Blind
    Lynne Hamilton – On The Inside
    Fairground Attraction – Find My Love
    Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peek-A-Boo
    Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour
    Freiheit - Keeping The Dream Alive
    Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi
    Ofra Haza – Im Nin’Alu
    Momus – Hairstyle Of The Devil
    Roachford – Family Man
    Wendy & Lisa – Waterfall ‘89
    Rob & Raz ft. Leila K – Got To Get
    Sade – Haunt Me
    Bomb The Bass – Say A Little Prayer

    I'd get ten volumes in and still be reeling them off - best decade for music ever.
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